Easy Way to Calulate postage for an item you are buying

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Easy Way to Calulate postage for any item you are buying


  1. Work out the dimensions of the item you wish to purchase, if you do not know them ask the seller via the message option under their ID and once recieved/worked out, put them down on a piece of paper.
  2. If you can get online then go to Australia Post Web Site and look for - 'Postage Assesment Calculator' ( I would have a link here to make it easier but our EBAY friends won't allow it) and enter the dimesion details , if you have the dimensions of a box and you are in the letter calculator section, the calculator will let you know if your in the wrong section any way, easy so far?
  3. Then all you have to do next is put in your postcode in the lodgement postcode section and the sellers in the destination section and your done!!, it will calculate the postage cost for you. : )
  4. The other thing to allow for is packaging, but this would only be for small items in a Australia Post 'Postpack' @ $2 maximum but for larger items you would possibly source a box from a supermarket or office, costing nothing. 


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