Easy Weight Loss

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I lost 25 kilos in 5 weeks.
I did not join a weight loss clinic. This is how i did it. And it was FREE. I am going to let everyone in on my secret. How to lose weight and it is the easiest way EVER!.

Firstly , I just happened to stumble across this way of dieting and once I got into it I couldn't believe how easy it was AND why the experts don't tell you about it.

Have you every wondered about the people who appear on the ads on TV. You see the before and after pics and the after pics always show the "dieters" wearing almost nothing, either in bikinis or midrift crop tops.

This is RUBBISH!. Even the contestants on the biggest loser will tell you that after losing that much weight you need surgery to remove the excess baggy skin and with the amount of scaring that you have there is no way you are going to dress like that.


Then there are the weight loss companies, (for legal reasons I can't say the name here), who will also tell you that their way is the best. You go there to work out in their gym, you eat their food and after 26 weeks you lose 5 kilos???

It doesnt take that long, but it does if you go there because they need to keep you coming back so that they can make lots of money from you.

But I found a better way. And I found it by accident!.

I am not going to drone on and on and then ask you for money, that isnt the purpose of this. I am going to tell you how I did it, so you can do it too and I have included a few recipes and food ideas.

You have already purchased this information and that will be the only time you will pay.

Ok? So here's what happened.

I heard on an ad on the radio about some pills that take the fat out of the food while you eat it , and I thought hey, that's for me! So off I went to the chemist and I asked about it. WELL... $40 per week is what they cost and I don't eat $40 worth of food per week to myself, so why the heck should I pay that much for some drugs to suck the fat out of it.

I got to thinking, why don't I just take the fat out before I eat it.

So I went and picked up my calorie counting book (available at all newsagents for about $8.95 AU) and this tells you how many calories, fat, carbohydrates etc,. is in everything you eat.

I started reading through and I was shocked !. I couldn't believe how much fat I was actually eating.

So I decided that that was the way to go.

I also took note of how they do it on the biggest loser.

They allow the contestants to eat 1400 calories per day and they must burn more calories than they consume to lose weight, so they are living in the gym.

I didn't do this.

They also don't count their fat intake...big mistake!

SO they are consuming 1400 calories per day, living on gym equipment and eating boat loads of fat!

What a waste of time !!

I took all of this into consideration and read through my book and learnt what I could and couldnt eat and how much exercise I would have to do ( YES YOU DO NEED TO DO SOME) .

So I put myself on a FAT FREE diet.

Now, FAT FREE doesn't mean FAT FREE, it means either almost zero fat or less the 1g.

And you must stay under 500 calories.

How am I going to do that...I'll starve I hear you say.
Rubbish, you won't starve. In fact you won't beleive what you can eat and how full you will be and you will be losing weight !!!

You will see from the meals and recipes I give you that the food you can eat is absolutely amazing and I had my teenagers coming to me every night saying , "Why can't we have what you are eating, Mum, it looks so delicious".

And it IS delicious!.

And the food you can eat that is fat free, you won't believe is actually fat free. And the food that is so unbelievably high in fat you won't believe either.


You will find this out from reading through your calorie book and by looking on everything you buy from the supermarket to see the fat content.

You DO NOT BUY anything that has more than 1g fat.





You MUST NOT HAVE SUGAR...Get used to it it makes you fat and you shouldn't be having it anyway.

You MUST NOT EAT CHOCOLATE...Sorry but it is fattening.

You MUST NOT HAVE REGULAR MILK in anything...switch to skim milk and have 1 litre per day as part of your calcium requirement.


IT is so high in fat it is unbelievable.

You WILL GET USED TO ALL OF THIS and if you don't then you are probably a lost cause.

This diet is so simple.

You of course must reprogram your head. Yes, brainwash yourself.

To do this you just look at the food you have been eating and say  yuk, no way I'm eating that...it's disgusting !.

And after a few days you WILL believe it and you will start telling everyone else why THEY shouldn't eat it either.


Please note:
I did not have any underlying health issues so you should consider this before starting any diet.
I DO NOT recommend this diet for people who suffer diabeties or who have food allergies, or people who are currently under the care of a dietitian. Also people who have heart conditions have other food requirements. This diet is for totally healthy (not under the care of a doctor or health professional) people who are otherwise just getting a bit "too flabby" and need to get into shape for summer.
It worked for me. But I had no medical conditions.
So please be cautious!!.

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