Easy eyeshadow, get it right the first time!

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Here are a few handy tips to remember when applying eyeshadow:

  • Always start applying eyeshadow at the outer corners of the eyes, then work inwards, not vice versa.  This method deposits the most colour near the outer corner and adds contour to the eyes to appear bigger. 
  • Dust loose face powder under the eyes above the cheekbones to avoid stray eyeshadow specks smearing onto the cheeks.  Fallen specks can be swept away with a powder brush, without ruining foundation.  This technique is important when applying dark eyeshadow colours.
  • Earthy browns, taupes and natural eyeshadow shades are complimentary to most skin tones and are easy to blend. 
  • Don't overload your brush with too much eyeshadow powder.  It 's easier to build up the desired colour effect than to take it away.  You can deposit eyeshadow product from an overloaded brush onto the back of your hand and take from there later.
  • Your eye makeup should compliment how you feel and your whole fashion look.
  • Light, bright and pearlised shades will highlight areas, whilst dark and dull matte shades will recede.
  • Most palettes offer three or more colours for you to choose from.  Add the lighter shades to the inner corner of the eyes, and the lightest tones to highlight under the brow.  Darker shades work best at outer corners of the eyes, you can also use these for a smokey outline along the lashlines.
  • Blend and build up colour slowly, use an eyeshadow brush.  Keep your beauty tools clean.
  • Practice makes perfect and builds confidence, relax and have fun!

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