Easy guide to moulding chocolate.

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This is a really simple, fun and inexpensive activity to do. I wiil give you step by step instructions on how to mould your chocolates.

There are a lot of ways to melt your chocolate buttons. The easiest way is to microwave the buttons but you could also use a bain marie(double boiler) or an electric frypan on the lowest setting so you do not burn the chocolate.

Please remember, WATER is chocolate's #1 enemy! The chocolate will clump together and be unable to be put into moulds and will have to be thrown out. Also make sure that the chocolate mould is clean and DRY before adding chocolate.

Step 1:

Place about 1 cup of chocolate buttons in a microwave safe bowl. Based on a 1100 watt microwave, heat on high for 25 seconds. Stir, if not all of the chocolate has melted,  continue to heat at 10-15 second intervals until the chocolate has fully melted and is a liquid creamy consistency.

Step 2:

Fill the mould cavities about 3/4 of the way full. Hold your mould with both hands and gently tap the mould on a level surface to remove all the air bubbles from your chocolate. Do not overfill your chocolate mould!

Step 3:

Place the chocolate mould in the freezer anywhere from 5 minutes or more depending on the thickness of your mould cavities. (place on a level surface so chocolate will set level!) To check if the chocolate is ready, take it out of the freezer and look at the underside of the mould cavity. If you can still see a "wet look" sitting at the bottom of the mould - then it needs more time to set!

Step 4:

When chocolate has set, remove from freezer. If you wish you can put on a pair of food safe gloves, this will protect your chocolate from fingerprints and will not dull the shine. Place your hand over the top of the mould and turn upside down. This helps prevent breakage. Lay mould flat and tap lightly to break the chocolate free. Now your chocolate is ready to bag, wrap or foil.

Note: If you are making your chocolates in humid conditions, place a piece of paper towel or similar over the chocolate and wait until the condensation is realised from the chocolate pieces, otherwise when you place into a cello bag your chocolates will sweat!

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