Easy solutions for cleaning baby's number twos!

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As a new parent the decision between disposable or  modern cloth nappies for your baby can be really tricky. Perhaps you like the idea of being environmentally sound and using  modern cloth nappies, but cannot stomach the thought of washing the mess that will end up inside them! Never fear, there are multiple solutions to make cleaning up the mess much easier!

What about number twos?

There's no way of being delicate when talking about babies - you are going to be dealing with poo on a daily basis and lots of it! That is one of the certainties of having a baby! One solution is to have a high pressure spray hose installed in your toilet where you can spray all solids off and down the loo.

However if you have gone with any one of the number of  modern cloth nappies currently available on the market, you may have seen all sorts of accessories to go with them. It can be confusing -  liners, inserts, boosters - what's the difference between all of these? And which one can reduce the impact of all that poo in the nappy?

Flushable liners

There are many different kinds of  liners to put inside the  modern cloth nappy. There are reusable ones made from  cotton or  bamboo or even  charcoal bamboo. These are good for adding extra absorbency and protection for your baby.

You may have seen disposable liners in the baby aisle at your supermarket - these are good at catching poo, but they are usually not biodegradable, so you will still need to tip the waste in the toilet and then put the soiled liner in the rubbish.

The best solution is a biodegradable,  flushable liner insert. They are usually made of natural fibres, so best for baby's sensitive skin. Look for ones that do not have any added chemicals and are non-chlorine bleached. The  liner inserts can be flushed away with the poo down the toilet. When making your purchase, just check, as some liners are not suitable for flushing down very old septic systems.

Won't they stop the modern cloth nappy from working effectively?

Not at all! The beauty of a biodegradable,  flushable liner insert is that is allows urine to pass through to be absorbed by the  modern cloth nappy, while being the catcher for any number twos! Often the  liners are wide enough to provide a small overhang either side of the nappy, so all the mess is collected and washing the modern cloth nappy couldn't be easier!

Prolong the life of your modern cloth nappies

Using biodegradable, flushable liner insert will extend the life of your  modern cloth nappies by protecting them from extra wear and tear and impact of endless poos. The  liner inserts are usually available in large rolls of 100 sheets, so represent good value for money. Find an eBay seller who offers  free postage and it makes perfect sense to give them a try!

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