Ebay Advanced Search; save money and increase sales!

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Ebay has some great tools to make buying and selling easier.  One of my favourite tools is the Advanced Search.  Have you used this valuable tool? 

The Advanced Search allows you to search be more specific when you are searching for items on ebay.  You can find the advanced search button in the top right hand corner of the home page.  Or you can click here to visit the Advanced Search page!

You enter the item you are looking for just like you would on the 'Buy' page.   However, you can make your search more specific to guarantee the items that the search returns are likely to be exactly what you want.

Make sure you always click on the 'Search Title and Description' button, some times people use strange titles and if you search by title only, you might not see the auction for the item you are looking for and miss out on the perfect item.

Have you used the 'Completed Items' button?  By searching for completed items, you can see how much items have sold for in the past.  You can be quite specific in your search and look for the exact item you want, or you can be general and search for the type of item you want to get an idea of what other buyers have paid.

So why would you search for completed items?  Have you been outbid at the last minute on more than one auction?  It works like this; you think an item is worth $20 and make $20 your highest bid, however, you haven't realised that the same item consistently sells for $30 on ebay.  You keep missing out on winning the item you want because your bid is less than the market value.  If you do an 'Advanced Search on Completed Items' you will know to make your highest bid $30 so that you increase the odds that you will win the auction.

The 'Completed Items' search is also a very helpful tool for sellers.  I recently was helping a friend list a baby monitor for sale.  She was going to list it at the Buy It Now price of $50.  I told her that I thought it would go for more than that, and to prove it to her I did a 'Completed Items' search for her exact baby monitor.  The average sale price was $130.  She listed it as Buy it Now for $120 and when it sold within 12 hours she was more than happy, particularly since she got $70 more than she expected.  The buyer was also happy as they felt they got a bargain.

If you have tried selling items and have never had bids, it may be because you are selling your item for too much.  Use the 'Completed Items' search to check what other sellers are selling similar items for and see if you have your price set above market value. 

What about the button for 'Item Location', have you used that?  Many sellers offer worldwide postage.  Depending on what it is you are looking for, try clicking on 'items available to Australia' (or whatever country you are in).  Not only will you increase the number of items you have to chose from, but quite often the exchange rate will make them cheaper than if you bought them in your own country!

If you are looking for something that is likely to be a pick up only item - such as furniture or bulky items - use the 'Items Near Me' button and then select the distance you are willing to drive to complete your pick up.  This way if you are, for example, looking for a queen sized bed in Sydney, you don't have to search through all of the auctions that are in all the other cities of Australia.  Better still it means you won't find your perfect item and then realise it is pick up only in Hobart!!

The advanced search page has lots of different options you can click to make your search for the perfect item as easy as you want it to be.  The few extra seconds it takes to use this option is well worth it as you don't have to look through pages of completely irrelevant auctions to find the item you really want.

Why not try the 'Advanced Search' option next time you buy from ebay or list an item for sale?

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