Ebay Fraud & Shill Bidding

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I really enjoy the ebay experience as much as I'm sure others do, but lately I have been harassed by a certain ebay user. It has actually become personal, as I can no longer even go to my local shops by myself as I get yelled at by this person. Her ebay name is smokey-2004. My husband used to own a ebay name called: superman13.03 he used to sell & buy items with that name. Smokey-2004 is harassing us about having that ebay name. We have done nothing wrong. Smokey-2004, owned another ebay name called: carcrazy1969. She has since closed that name. Smokey-2004 does a lot of shill bidding with another friend of hers, called gobluesgo08. If you look at their feedback, you will notice how many items that they have bid on each others, to up the price but accidently won that item by mistake. They never actually paid or gave each other those items. I feel as though I am getting accused of something that I haven't done. It should also never get personnel either. I shouldn't feel like my safety, or that of my family is at risk! If any other ebay member feels like this sort of thing is happening to them, & want it stopped, then please come forward about it, otherwise it will never end, and you will not enjoy ebay the way you should. I've finally done something about the harassment, and so should everyone else.

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