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Ebay Guide to Buying!

Buying - depending on my purchase, i would first research my item, regarding compatability overseas e.c.t. Making sure that whatever i am bringing into my country is of a certain standard/quality that i expect in my local area. This can substantially vary on certain items overseas. Expand your research on the items modifications/differences. This will prevent cash loss on items with no refund from private back yard sellers & allow you to get maximum amount of extras/accessorys for your money. Make sure you get what u are after!

 Usually more professional sellers offer exchage & refund, although sometime they only have a quantity of 1 in stock leaving little room for error. I then research the items value. Attempting to beat a local price on the item, remember to add sellers postage & handling costs to your bid price. Setting a strict bidding limit for yourself will ensure you do not overpay for your item. For a quick check on exchage rates i have use various online exchange calculators for an approximation. Rates are not to be taken for granted as paypal charges at a different rate upon payment, as well as the day to day fluctuation of the market. I have not experienced any drastic money difference after exchange using this method. 

 Contact the seller regarding postage to confirm. Im located in Australia. Some overseas sellers expect us to be the last they may have to deal with at times and dont estimate the added distance for shipping. An email before bidding will prevent any unexpected extra shipping charges at last minute or after purchase. This can lead to arguments & a less pleasant purchase experience. 

When bidding its human to use common numbers that round prices off nicely e.g $20. Competing bidders are likely to instantly put a dollar on the end to get 1up on you. e.g $21. To get the edge on compertition bid with cents also e.g $21.52 It will only take 1cent to beat a bidder e.g $21.50 gets taken over by $21.52 and prevents excess bidding. Everytime u bid that 1 cent extra, you get the chance to be winner by a nose, however, i will state that timing & demand is the key. Definatly I rate broadband over dial up due to its speed online.

Once an item has been won. Contact your seller for an invoice so you can pay for your item. Obey the sellers time limit for payment. This will prevent loss/relisting of your item and also prevent you getting billed for giving them the run around. Serious Bidders Only!!

I recommend payment via paypal only unless the seller is highly trusted. Other forms of payment have issues when attempting to trace payments once they wander off somewhere & limited tracking/insurance prevents and easy recovery.

Also refunds via paypal are made very easy especially for overseas dealings. Seller can refund straight into paypal for you, and even request refunding in another currency to your own for future purchases. Paypal is very safe and convenient way to pay as well as added insurance on all purchases via paypal.

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