Ebay- Is there anything you can't do?

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Ebay- Is there anything you can't do?

Thats a question you end up asking yourself when you start using it ! The answer is an emphatic yes there is alot you cannot do  and with good reason.

Like all businesses and commerce that transpires between consenting vendors and purchasers rules, checks and balances on behaviour, ethical practice  and moral obligations both cutural and spirtual have to be considered. This is after all the shop front the entire world can view and you are putting a display in the window!

It is common sense really and a standard you should live up to everyday, when dealing with everyone else and how you yourself would prefer to be treated. I will put it in the simplest and clearest way I can for you now.

As an Seller

  1. Be honest ! Its ok to spruke your wares but you must temper your sales pitch with the truth.
  2. Never use offensive material in your item display or sell offensive items. Remember that children and people with religious sensitivities can happen on your item .
  3. What you sell must be legal. Your wares must be of free title and approved for public use. You cannot sell goods that are stolen, subject to financial liability, violate laws or acts of law in your or any other country.
  4. Be fair with your price. You can charge retail you know because a lot of people whom use Ebay simply cannot find the items they are looking for! Make your service the advantage, quality sells itself very slowly and price attracts the greedy.

As an Buyer

  1. Don't place false bids! If you want it pay for it, don't make a fool of yourself and waste the time of the vendor.
  2. Before asking a question about an item do a little research, keep your questions short and consise and be patient waiting for an answer.
  3. Don't try to purchase stuff that you know is not legal
  4. Ebay has a great set of safe buyer features and you would be a fool not to use them.
  5. If an item you purchased arrives damaged or is faulty, be calm and polite with your claim. and always check the item when you accept delivery because if the item was insured the carrier has to process the claim if damaged in transit.

Thats the basics of it!

Enjoy your Ebay experience.

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