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Handy hints for newbies

1. Always check the star rating and percentage of sucess.  If there is negative feedback, dont just read that, but go to the user providing that feedback and check their record.

2. Do not be afraid to purchase outside of Australia.  Some sellers may advise that it is safer to purchase in your own country.  But generally ebay is reliable and if you've checked the ratings and feedback this is not true

3. Never wait more than four days to contact ebay with an official complaint if you do not recieve communication.  There is a 30 day limit to services which ebay can provide.  Some unscrupulous dealers in my experience have requested a 30 day delivery, for obvious reasons, but if reported quickly, ebay are well on top of it.

4. Communication is everything.  You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.  But use this theory within ebays defined rules and advice.

5. Use paypal if possible.  It is added protection.

6. Ebayers are good people, talk to them, there are no problems that cant be resolved, unless dodgey then refer to above advice.

7. Always leave feedback.  It protects other users and enhances the reputation of sellers.

8. Dont get sucked into a bidding war that ends up with a cost you cannot afford. Set your personal value and stick to it, there will be another.

9. Read thoroughly traders terms and conditions with regards to warranty service, refunds etc..

10. Watch similar items before purchase so you are aware of the average current price of  an item.

11. Negative feedback can be the downfall of any buyer or seller.  If it MUST be used, do so in language that is constructive and informative or you just look disgruntled.

12. We're all human, 99.9% of people are trying to do the right thing.  Give them a chance and dont loose your head. We all want a positive result

13. Do your research and understand the rules.

If you do all of the above you will have an excellent experience and buy and sell many a bargain

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