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When searching for a particular item on ebay, the results can vary tremendously depending on what you type in the search bar.

Take for example an 1883-CC Morgan Dollar.  You will get a different number of results depending SPECIFICALLY on your wording in the search box.  You could type in exactly '1883-CC Morgan Dollar', or '1883 CC Morgan Dollar' (NO DASH between the 1883 and CC)... just by leaving out the dash, you will get many more results.  Then if you try 1883CC Morgan Dollar (No dash or space), you get some listings, but not many.  Then there are all the other variations such as '1883-CC Dollar', '1883 Carson City Dollar', 1883-CC Morgan Silver Dollar', '1883 CC Morgan Dollar', '1883 CC Silver Dollar'.

Normally, the less words typed in the search box, the greater number of listings will be found.  You can narrow your searches by adding extra tags such as the grade, mintmark or certification service when searching for coins.  The same rules apply for any item you may be searching for.  As a seller, you can take advantage of this concept by choosing your title wording very carefully.

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