Ebay Superseller's Newsletter #3: Added Value!

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Hi Guys,

I'm a bit late writing this one, I've just gotten back from the Rebellious Superconference in Sydney. As with any Mal Emery event, I got tons more knowledge and value than the price I paid to get in.

Even the hotel had a lesson for the attendees, if they picked up on it.

These things cost tens and tens of thousands of dollars to put on. You have to book a room for 300+ people, have the hotel staff do stuff all weekend, and Mal shelled out thousands on rooms, drinks, breakfast on Sunday, and lots more.

It was the breakfast that got my attention. Mal paid $3500+ for breakfast, at $17.50 or $18.50 a head. This included cereal and toast. The thing was that a regular breakfast with everything like bacon and eggs etc, was only a couple of bucks more per head.

With the thousands of dollars being spent, couldn't the hotel have chucked in the regular menu?

Anyway, the lesson was to not become this hotel in your business. Add value. Add value until your accountant has you comitted. If one customer spent well over $50,000 with you, wouldn't you do everything in your power to get them to refer other people to you by impressing the socks off them?

And who do people who spend big hang around with? Other big spenders! And those big spenders often go to businesses that their big spending friends have had great experiences with! How can you use this in your eBay business?

Just make sure that your buyer is impressed when they open the box. Information is easy because you can cheaply pack more manuals, cds, dvds, and more. What low cost, high value stuff can you send with your items?

Look for sales, runouts, bulk suppliers, anything to add for free when you send something. Even if you only deliver electronically, you can still add more links, ebooks, information, the list goes on.

You'll find that most eBay sellers don't know about this million dollar principle.


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