Ebay Superseller's Newsletter #9: Getting A Fresh Start

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Hi everyone,

Brian Cassingena here again.

It's that time of year again, when we watch a few fireworks, have a few drinks,
and make a few promises. Often, at the top of our list is "make more money".
But it's not quite that simple.

I imagine you already know that, most people are more than smart enough to
make as much money as they want, so why aren't you rich?

Let's start the year off by getting rid of everything that's holding you back. And
I mean everything! Whether it's your emotional baggage, investments or businesses
running in the red, habits or routines which take you away from your business,
whatever, dispose of it now, ruthlessly and immediately.

It's time to confront your corporate demons, those sneaky little events and
situations that lower your bank balance, such as products that aren't moving,
problem staff members, and in the home office, there are always plenty of
distractions. You must defend your time, because you can't get it back. You
can easily make back the money you spend, but the time is gone forever.

Now you can replace those things with tools that do work. How can you expect
to be a giant in any scene, if you're not a serious student of that scene? I certainly
buy everything I can to not only use the contents, but also to study what other
businesses are doing in their marketing.

So, it's the perfect opportunity to clean out your closet, streamline your business
by getting rid of useless crap and buying tools which help advance you, not hinder.

And don't be afraid to ask for help, nobody ever got rich all by themselves.

Brian Cassingena

Million Dollar Value
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