Ebay Tactics

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As a seller, you want to sell an ebook. However under the Ebay rules, you are required to send a physical version of this to the buyer. "Isn't an ebook supposed to be for instant download?" Personally, i think this is a stunt between Ebay and the Postal company to make more profit out of sellers. I mean come on. Paypal fees. Ebay Fees, Postage Fees all add up and the buyer wonders why things cost so much. If this is your store , you are trying to make money. Not give it away to places like Ebay and the postage companies. It should be left to  the disgression of the buyer, if they wish for instant download or cd copy, not Ebay.



Have you ever been a legitimate seller of products, only to have your product turn up late or not at all, causing concern to the buyer? As a legitimate seller, you decide to refund the buyer. Now you have actually made a loss. Could a buyer actually have received the product but then says it didn't arrive? How about the contents that you wrapped up in perfect way to only arrive completely trashed. I have seen the ULD's with parcels completely squashed. The postage companies take no responsibilty for any damage. Oh! but they give an option of insurance, just another money making scheme at the expense of buyers and sellers. Could the whole lot be a scam?



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