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Ok so some may not agree with this statement, but i think that Ebay switching all Payment Methods to paypal or Cahs on Pick-up, is a really great Idea!

Why you ask! A very large percentage of Buyers use paypal already and because of the added security, So its going to cost a bit more here and there, well i think if a seller incorporates that into there pricing it is very fair it is a very small price to pay to keep your buyers and give them the added security!

Cons of other payment Methods -
Personal Cheque - Often bounces, yeah you still have your product but you also have a nice little fee from the bank!
Bank Cheque and Money Orders - Seller has to wait longer for arrival, then to clear and buyer although has a receipt has no protection!
Bank Deposit - Many Problems with that - Transfers to incorrect account, customers not leaving ids on payments, some naughty sellers taking money then running, and once again NO protection for buyer!

Pros for Paypal -
Instant Payment
Buyer protection
secured site (i have seen some real dodgy checkouts in my time)

Im not asking people to agree, but i do think some overreactions have happened, it was very upsetting to see people commenting on the forums and in guides about this in a negative manner, Mainly for the fact that you are putting this on the actually site that is implementing this, ebay could have said that to trade you have to have a abn, considering people do this at home, make money and many dont declare, which is highly illegal! and many are getting income support! while making a killing what is a couple of extra dollars!

Why complain, i think we all need to embrace the idea and frankly we just all need to deal with it!

Also for those that have stated we had no notice of this happening - perhaps checking you emails or reading the ones from ebay would have let you know, because i received my email way before this was announced!
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