Ebay for beginners

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First thing to do before and after you create an account, is to read read read, read all the rules about buying, so you know where you stand, the rights and wrongs and what happens, before, during and after bidding.

Browes though the items you are after very carefully, read the dicsriptions, payment methiods etc, then check out the sellers feedback, once you are happy with that.... watch more than one of the same item..... you never know which one will go for the better price.

One you have "won" the item.
use a secure payment methord such as paypal and bank deposit as they are traceable and quick and easy.

Once you have made your payment let the seller know and also conferm your postal details...
Once item has arrived leave feed back according to how you feel about the item etc... if you are not happy always contact the seller before leaving negitive feedback, as 90% of times some thing can be sorted out.

If item isnt recieved about 12 days, contact the seller, be friendly and ask if it was posted, where and when... that will give you an idea of how long it should take to recieve it.

If you still havnt recieved it, and are tired of waiting... contact the seller and try work out why? and/or a replacement or refund on the item if they dont reply, ask ebay for their contact details, try calling them before following ebayers item not recieved policy.

Most of all. play it safe, watch out for the fake items and becareful of the sellers feedback
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