Ebay guide ranking system and unethical self-promotion

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Have you ever wondered why your Buyer's Guide has suddenly plummeted in the ratings? 

Since placing my guides on Ebay I have watched as my ranking has risen and fallen with regularity. Of course this is to be expected as new and more popular guides are written but I found it odd that the only time my guides dropped in the rankings was when I reached the top 100.

On closer inspection, I also noticed that every time this happened each of the six guides I'd written had all received an unhelpful vote. Yes, it could happen I suppose but, given the variation in the subject matter of the guides, it is unlikely a reader would read all six and find them all unhelpful - just as unlikely that all six guides would receive exactly one unhelpful vote each in that same time period.

While there are many excellent guides that are deservedly placed in the top 10 or top 100, there are also some of questionable quality and helpfulness that soar to the top of the ratings.

I believe this results from both unethical self-promotion and the purposeful demotion of guides by giving unhelpful votes for any member who has multiple guides.

I accept there is nothing to be done about this type overly competitive behaviour and my purpose for writing this guide is to bring understanding to other members who have been affected by this flouting of the process and, more importantly, let the offender/s know, as they read down this page, that their cheating has been identified for what it is.

Fortunately, the vast majority of Ebayers are honest in all aspects of their dealings. It's a shame the minority live to a different set of values. 

(c) Merlene Fawdry

Before you click on the unhelpful button for this (or any other Ebay guide) please examine your motive and ask yourself why, if you believe your own guide should be highly ranked, it cannot gain this status through its own merits.

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