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Searching eBay can be a bit daunting at first. If you search in all areas for a specific item, you may come up with a lot of items that don't meet your needs. It is easier to find the area you'd like to search (for example, "Collectibles"), and then search for your specific item in that area (for example, baseball cards). The index of eBay categories is located on the left of the screen on the eBay home page. Just click on a category to go to that category's home page, where you can use the search box to search for your specific item.


Once you have found your category and searched for an item, you will get a list of items currently for sale on eBay that match your description. You can look at those items in detail, and decide if there are any you would like to bid on. Once you find an item you're interested in, the item's description will tell you more about the item, shipping and payment policies, how long the auction lasts, and the seller's identity, so you can ask questions if you need more information.

Bid and Pay

If you want to bid on the item, simply click on the "bid" button to submit a bid. If you don't have an account with eBay, you will have to create one before you bid. Type in the highest amount you are willing to pay for the item, or you may lose the item to a higher bidder. If someone outbids you before the auction ends, eBay will automatically send you an email to let you know.

Once you've won the auction, the seller will send you a notification you won the item, along with payment information. Most sellers take Pay Pal payments, so if you don't have an account with Pay Pal, it would be a good idea to create one before you bid on items. Pay Pal is safe and convenient, and it does not cost the buyer anything to pay using Pay Pal.


Feedback is one of the most important aspects of the eBay experience. By looking at a seller's feedback rating, you can see what type of seller they are, and how they handle problems with buyers. Leaving feedback is also very important, so if you have a good eBay experience, always leave feedback for the seller, so others know they are reputable and good to deal with. They should also leave feedback for you, to show you are a good eBay buyer and other sellers can trust you.

Shopping on eBay is addicting, so be forewarned! It's too much fun to shop online, and have your items dropped directly at your door. Have fun eBaying!

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