Ebay to eParcel via Parcel Solutions

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If your a Power Seller on Ebay (Aust) you already know that getting your orders from Ebay to eParcel is not so simple? If you’re like us then you might even be cutting and pasting the orders over (serious waste of good time). Lately we have been using Parcel Solutions to handle the whole process and we haven't looked back. This saves time and removes errors (2-3 hrs a day for us!!)

If you are familiar with the whole eParcel process then adding the Parcel Solutions account to this process will seem quite simple and after you have processed a few shipments you will have it sussed.

Guide to getting started -

1. After signing up you will be asked to Token into your Ebay account (this connects Parcel Solutions to your Ebay account directly)

2. Now you will need to setup your Profile. This info is also used for your Tax Invoices should you choose to use them.

3. In your Ebay account create "Custom Labels" for all your listed Ebay items. These enable Parcel Solutions to track and apply the dimensions (ie height weight etc) to all your pending shipments.

4. Manually or via CSV load your Part Master with your items packing dimensions.

5. Learn via the video how to "Update Shipment Status" You simply download the latest processed eParcel "Manifest" and load it back into Parcel Solutions. This is awesome as it adds the Tracking numbers and sets them all to "Sent" automatically.

Hope this helps improve and grow your Ebay Business!!
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