Ebayana Continued: A Few Of My Favorite Things

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I have often been asked about my eBayana collection, so I have decided to write a guide that will tell you about some of my favorite things. Please bear in mind that my collection includes not only actual eBay-licensed merchandise but also items created as an homage to eBay AND items that come in all four primary eBay colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. In fact, for the purposes of this guide, when I refer to eBay colors, those are the four I mean. But the eBay logo actually includes seven colors, should anyone ever ask you. (Hey, it was a trivia question on eBay Radio one week!)

Speaking of eBay Radio Trivia Questions, nobody was able to answer the April 8th Trivia Question on eBay Radio: What eBay Radio item did former eBay CEO Meg Whitman auction off for charity? She auctioned off her eBay Radio Hat, with the eBay Radio logo on the front and "Meg" on the back, as part of GiveFest 2008 wherein employees listed items for charity.

Which brings me to the subject of my "Fave Four" items, one for each eBay color: my eBay Radio Hat, the ebay-NASDAQ Dinosaur, eBay Champagne; and my "ebetsy" wall hanging from eBay Seller shwaihat, who lives in Jordan and is the source of most of my eBay-homage  items, including mosaics, rugs, wall hangings, and clothing.

MY EBAY RADIO HAT has the eBay Radio logo on the front and says "ebetsy" on the back: In case of fire, I'm grabbing this first. And since it lives on the corner of a picture frame @ the top of our bedroom stairs, it's right on my way out the door.

EBAY-NASDAQ DINOSAUR won from meg4givefest, which was Meg Whitman's User ID for the employees' GiveFest 2008: One of three squeezy stress-ball-type dinosaurs given to Jeff Kroll, Pierre Omidyar, and Meg in honor of eBay's IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the Stock Market. I call it "Megasaurus". I don't want to tell you how expensive this was in case my mother reads this guide, but -- OK, my winning bid was $1500. But it was for charity, mom! and there are only three of 'em in the whole world. Lives on my bedside table. In case of emergency, I'm grabbing it too.

EBAY CHAMPAGNE from ebay.de - yes, an actual bottle of eBay Sparkling Wine, complete with the eBay Label; given as a Red-Star Feedback Award @ eBay Germany. I had to write to three different Sellers asking to bid on this, but finally the 3rd one said yes, and it just happened to be a Buy-It-Now auction. WooHoo! Talk about shopping victoriously!

EBETSY WALL HANGING from eBay Seller shwaihat of Jordan: featuring ebetsy spelled out vertically in the ebay logo-style typeface and colors with ebay-colored tassels at all four corners

Now, let's go on a literary virtual tour of the eBay House, with lists and brief descriptions of items you might could find in each of those rooms. We'll start with THE BATHROOM, because really, who hasn't wanted to sneak a peek in someone else's medicine cabinet?

EBAY BATH TOWELS: An entire set from eBay Germany (ebay.de) plus a big yellow bath sheet from eBay Germany by way of eBay Australia (ebay.com.au) and a face towel (actually a golf towel) from eBay Live! 2004

EBAY FIRST AID KIT: BYO eBay-colored Bandaids; we got the ones that look like crayons, which come in the 4 eBay colors

EBAY RUBBER DUCKS: eBay Nikon Duck from eBay Live! 2003 or 2004; eBay Telecom 2 duckie from ebay.de; rubber duckies that snap together in all 4 eBay colors

HALF.COM RUBBER URINAL LINER that says "Don't piss half your money away" along with the logo for Half.com, an eBay company; from a promotion @ eBay UK

Moving on to THE BEDROOM, check out the

EBAY ALARM CLOCK: Don't be alarmed! You'll never miss an auction when you're awakened by this clock, which was issued in honor of eBay's 5th Birthday

EBAY BEDSPREAD: a giant red stadium blanket that says EBAY in big white letters

Now let's take a look in the drawers and closet.

EBAY BICYCLE TEAM JERSEY AND ANORAK with all of the eBay International Logos running up and down the sleeves, on the front and on the back!


3 EBAY CAFTANS AND 1 PAIR OF MATCHING SLIPPERS from eBay Seller shwaihat of Jordan: They don't say eBay, but they feature all four eBay colors, and one has has feedback-style stars

EBAY BELTS: Meg Whitman gave these to employees for Christmas in various years. They were made in Guatemala and come in red, white, blue, black, and multi-color black woven. But I've also found some blingy free-market variations in the form of silver belt buckles, with and without rhinestones

EBAY COSMETIC CASES from eBay Hong Kong (in pink and purple): Complete with mirror!

EBABE DRESS with an "ebabe" logo that parodies the ebay logo (same typeface style and colors) that hangs on my

EBAY HANGER: A padded hanger from eBay Canada (ebay.ca)

EBAY HATS: In addition to the full wardrobe of hats from all seven years of eBay Live!; the eBay Foundation; The Power Of All Of Us; eBay Stores (old and new logos); and a couple of visors, I have a wonderful styrofoam hat that was made by a woman for a club meeting demonstrating her favorite hobby. It bears various eBay-related logos and quotes (from the eBay Shop's sticker set) such as "Bid Now" and is studded with miniature representations of the things she buys and sells, including a tiny chair, a thimble, a spool of sewing thread, a toy car, and some doll shoes

EBAY HOUSEDRESS: in a print featuring all four eBay colors

EBAY INDIA GEL CANDLES from the launch of ebay.in: So romantic!

INTERNATIONAL EBAY T-SHIRTS: Ever since traveling Around The World On eBay for eBay Radio, I have been a huge fan of international eBayana. To prove it, I've got T-Shirts from eBay Australia; eBay Austria; eBay Belgium; eBay Canada; eBay China; eBay France (I've got a PayPal beret from eBay France, too); eBay Germany; eBay India; eBay Italy; eBay Netherlands; eBay Spain; eBay Switzerland; and eBay Taiwan (for ebay.com.tw's second anniversary).  The T-Shirt from eBay Ireland got away -- I couldn't talk one off the backs of any of the guys from ebay.ie who I met at eBay Live! 2007 in Boston -- but I do have a lovely lavender blouse from ebay/PayPal Dublin

INTERNATIONAL EBAY POLO SHIRTS: In addition to a lovely array of eBay-logo'd polo shirts in all four eBay colors and a black polo shrt from the eBay Leadership Shindig, I have eBay Polo Shirts from eBay China (it says "Join The World"); eBay Germany; eBay Hong Kong; eBay Singapore; and eBay Sweden, which I particularly prize because it's my only logo'd item from eBay Sweden (ebay.se)

EBAY JACKETS: I've got far too many of those to mention here, but a few highlights of this sub-collection include a black fleece jacket from the eBay Travel Group; a black jacket with the circle of feedback stars logo; a wool and leather jacket with a shooting star logo on it; denim jackets in both black and blue; and an Auction jacket that is the only thing I have from eBay Korea (where ebay.kr operates as auction.co.kr)

EBAY JEWELRY: the official sterling silver eBay charm bracelet with a silver feedback star and a tiny paddle that says "Bid Now"; an unoffcial eBay Charm Bracelet with glass beads that say eBay and charms depicting various things you can buy on eBay, including tiny shoes and flipflops; it earrings in two different styles; two pairs of earrings featuring beads in all four eBay colors (and yes, they were made that way on purpose); I [heart] EBAY disk earrings and beaded bracelet; ebay beaded earrings (as seen in my avatar portrait) and matching beaded bracelet; necklace and bracelet of eBay-colored beads (made by an eBayer in China whose husband was going to eBay Live! that year for the first time); eBay Live! 2004 light-up necklace pendants made into earrings (they still flash) as worn in my eBay Live! Traveling Lab Coat auction video; a light-up ring I found at Walgreens that flashes all four eBay colors; and of course, the eBay "it" ring and tiara

EBAY LINGERIE: Thong, camisole, and sleeveless undershirt that say "tuned by ebay" from an eBay Motors promotion at eBay Austria (ebay.at); Wedding Dress Guy thong/cami (with the wedding dress guy's picture on 'em); eBay parody "U Click-UPAY" set of "loungerie" cami top and briefs, T-shirt and pajama pants

MY EBAY LIVE STAFF SHIRTS: I have shirts from all of the eBay Lives, including a Show management polo and a Security polo (from eBay Germany), but my favorites are the ones I was given when I worked as Staff @ eBay Live! 2006

EBAY NECKTIES for those dressy occasions: In brown and blue (the black one was already sold). These beauties have little ebay logos all over them in a classic -- and classy -- repeating print.

EBAY NIGHTSHIRT: doubles as a dress; says, "I don't sleep -- I power nap" with the eBay PowerSellers logo

EBAY PADDED HANGER from eBay Canada: Has the ebay.ca logo on its buttons

EBAY PAJAMAS from eBay Canada: really cute blue and white checked flannel with the ebay.ca logo

EBAY PAJAMA PANTS from the eBay Shop in red and blue (they weren't made in yellow or green) with ebay logo'd braid down each outseam; as worn in my video for the eBay Live! Traveling Lab Coat Auction

EBAY PURSES: One made out of a recycled book called "What I Found On eBay" with beaded handles that say I GOT IT/ON EBAY; another one made out of a recycled wooden box (by the same person that made the eBay Charm Bracelet) lined with velvet and appliquéd with stickers from the eBay Shop's sticker set, e.g. "Bid Now" and "I Crave Feedback"

EBAY SHAWL with the ebay logo embroidered on the back; from eBay Seller shwaihat in Jordan

EBAY SLIPPERS: White terrycloth scuffs that were given to a select few PowerSellers when they were served Breakfast In Bed a couple years ago as part of a holiday promotion

EBAY SOCKS: Ankle-high plain white with ebay embroidered on them(I call 'em my Elfies in honor of The Park denizen who likes to eat choklit [sic] & steal socks) that were originally destributed @ eBay Live! 2002 in Anaheim, because "it'll knock your socks off"; eBay Sports (says it around the band, which also is topped with eBay-colored woven binding);  eBay-PayPal Socks from eBay UK (ebay.co.uk), patterned like the British flag with the PayPal logo on 1 side. ebay logo on the other; and a pair that my husband gave me for Christmas that are checkerboarded in all 4 eBay colors


EBAY SNEAKERS: Nikes with the eBay logo (which I found on eBay using keywords "ebay custom") plus 2 pairs of Chuck Taylor hightops specially painted for me by my husband, 1 pair with just the eBay logo and 1 pair with "ebetsy - Around The World On eBay" as seen in my infamous video for the eBay Live! Traveling Lab Coat.

EBAY SWEATER from eBay Canada: A nice gray cotton V-neck with the ebay.ca logo

TRIPLE CO-BRANDED RED SWEATSHIRT HOODY with ebay, PayPal and Skype logos from eBay Netherlands (ebay.nl)

EBAY VARSITY JACKETS: One with white leather sleeves from the Collector's Edition of 100 (mine is #96) and one with black leather sleeves that says "Search and Listings" on the front

EBAY VESTS from eBay Collectibles; eBay Leadership Summit; and with eBay cross-stitched on the back from eBay Seller shwaihat of Jordan, as worn in the aforementioned auction video for the eBay Live! Traveling Lab Coat Auction

EBAY YOGA PANTS from the PowerSeller section of the eBay Shop, but I bought mine from another eBayer

In the next edition of this guide, we'll look at what's in the LIVING ROOM? or would be, if I had enough space...After that, we'll tackle the DINING ROOM, the KITCHEN, and the OFFICE. Then we'll go to the RUMPUS ROOM (for sports equipment) and the YARD. We'll also take a trip to the BEACH. Last but not least, we'll find out what kind of eBayana is in store for the HOLIDAYS. And let's not forget the miscellaneous CHOTCHKES!

Thank you for reading my guide. If you found it helpful, please vote "Yes" below.

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