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Ebay is a great place to buy and shop, with so many bargains online and easy using selling tools. ebay is a great place for everyone. Just imagine how much stuff is laying around at your house, Thats money that you could be making. All you need to get started is an ebay account which is very easy to create, If you are interseted in selling you will need to register either through Ph Verafaction, Credit card, or Postal. Once you have completed that you can do anything imaginable. You could start you own buisness, Buy almost anything and Save a great deal of money. Ebay also has a fee which can is some % of what you sell, it is not much and if your making a large profit then what wrong with asking for $1.00.  First all befor you start selling, you need and item to sell, you need to know basic information for eg, title and descrpition. once you have entered a title and descrpition you can then chose a starting big or a buy it now, then you can add pictures, borders, bold text, highlight and much more, next you can chose your payment option, postage servive and pricing, payment methods and payment instructions. now its time to reveiw you item, if you have followed these istruction you itme should look great, click submit and you item is now selling on ebay. 
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