Eco Friendly Reusable Travel Coffee Cup - BPA Free!

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BPA-Free Reusable Travel Coffee Cup 340ml

Hot Coffee, Cool Planet!

Our love of a great takeaway coffee is costing our environment dearly.  Reuse is the most significant impact we can make.

Unsatisfied with the alternatives to replace disposable cups, why not try this new style of reusable BPA free coffee cup.

This cup is the first barista standard reusable coffee cup.  Many small acts will make a phenomenal difference!

Take this cup to your local cafe for them to fill it or make a coffee at home and take it out when you need to travel with a coffee, tea or hot chocolate.  Much more comfortable than your usual stainless steel thermos type mug as it fits neatly into your hand.

It is critical that environmental initiatives, big and small, are given support by the community at every level.

This cup is Australian made and owned, so profits stay in our beautiful country!

Why would I bother?

Australian's use approx 500 million disposable cups a year.  We discard into landfill 1.36 million disposable cups a day / 57,000 disposable cups an hour / 951 disposable cups a minute.  Imagine this figure globally!

Why is this cup better than a mug?

This cup has a lid so it is difficult to spill or splash the contents.  Having a lid means this cup meets OH & S safety standards of many organizations.

This cup is light and unbreakable.  At the end of its life it can be recycled.

This cup replicates disposable cup sizes so you get correct and consistent portioning of coffee and milk in the size you desire.  This cup fits directly under the coffee machine in cafes and restaurants.

But it's plastic! Shouldn't plastic be avoided?

These cups are BPA and Phthalate free. 

Disposable paper cups are made from plastic.  The paper is coated in polyethylene lining to make it waterproof and the plastic lid is made from polystyrene.  By weight, it takes 21 plastic disposable lids to make one of our cups with a lid and plug.

The issues around renewable and non-renewable resources are very complex., but it is always best to go back to the basic principles of reuse.

Look after your health and the environment of our beautiful planet by using a reusable coffee cup!

Click Here to Order an Eco Friendly Reusable Coffee Cup

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