Eco Laundry Ball to Save money & your family health.

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What Is Laundry Ball?

It is a set of plastic ball that infilled with ceramic pellets and washing pellets, and there are 2 set of magnet that installed at two end of the Eco Laundry Ball.
The washing pellets contain high alkyl sulfate, non-ionic tenside, metasilicateable to:

* Eliminate the chlorine in the water content.
* Eliminate the Germs.
* Remove the Bad and Odour Smell from your dirty clothes.
* Alkalized the PH in the water.

The Magnets inside the Eco Laundry Ball can:
* magnetize water and strengthen its decontamination capability.
* Enhance the ceramic Pellets functions to remove the scale and rust that bring from the water pipe .

The Ceramic pellets contains many mineral powder and able to release the negative ions and FIR to active the water molecules.

* FIR infrared ray energy is a part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight, minus the skin damaging UV, which is why NASA spacecraft have utilized this heat. The energy is ESSENTIAL & BENEFICIAL for all human beings

* FIR infrared ray energy able to activate the water and cell, anti-bacteria and spread  the blood capillary.The combinations of this 3 powerful ingredients inside our Eco Laundry ball make it able to cleanse your cloth effectively, better than any detergent in the market!
The Benefits Of Eco Laundry Ball:
* You can avoid your family clothes from any harmful detergents residue, chemicals residue or animal fats left over.

*Save A Lot Of Money from your detergent cost - Do the maths, It allow you to wash 1000 times or up to 3 years if 1 load washing / day - That is hyper economical compare to the traditional detergent washing !* Natural and Environmental Friendly.

* It contains no harmful chemical.

* Easy dissolve in the water and clean the stains fast.

* Save water and electricity - If you wash your clothes with Eco Laundry Ball, it only produce low foam, and usually rinse 2 times in your washing machine compare to rinse at least 4 times by using detergent.

* It can replace the detergent totally with much better bleaching and antibacterial ability.

*Protect your Hand from harmful detergent.

* It can protect clothes and skin well , especially suitable to wash clothes for babies, childrens, gravidas , adults’ underwear as well.

* Anti-statics , cut down water pollution , revive vivid cloth’s color and keep good smell on washing machine.

* Soften the water and also Soften your clothes.

How to differentiate between the fake laundry ball and original one?

You may be confuse seeing why the laundry ball product price difference so much in the ebay. You can find the laundry ball price from AU 2.00 to AU 20.00. What is the catch?

Do not be over joy when you buy a laundry ball in less than AUD10.00  include shipping cost to your house. Rule of thumb, the product price will always reflect your product quality. Let ask yourself, will the ebay seller make losses to sell their product to you? The answer is definitely No!
Is it possible for you to get a set of original and useful laundry ball, when you pay less than AU 10.00, that the seller need to pay his ebay listing fees, ebay final value fees, paypal transaction fees, postage cost and still making profit from your sales?

To be honest with you, if you pay this price, it is no difference from you to throw this money into the dustbin and get a useless plastic ball later that do not benefit you any, that you have to throw into dustbin later..

It is totally waste of your money and time! Or even worst, the cheap laundry ball you brought may make of cheap material that might harmful to your family health!
That is why there are so many people complain in ebay that laundry ball they brought is totally useless and crap, that is because there are so many of them buying cheap fake laundry ball from the market :)

Look at the Price.. If too cheap price confirm Fake!

The fake laundry ball will usually contain very little or fake washing pellet in the laundry ball itself. That:

the fake laundry ball seller usually never mentioned about the weight of the laundry ball itself. Little washing pellet or fake washing pellet = little or no washing effect on your clothes at all.

Try to read the laundry ball product listing carefully, if the seller never mentioned about the weight of the laundry ball, and sell with very low price, then you know you are taking high risk when buy from this seller :)

As I mentioned to you above, as the weight of the original laundry ball shall be quite heavy since it carry original and sufficient qty washing pellet to give maximum washing effect, that make the postage cost higher due to heavy weight. But of course, there are possibility that some seller might allow their shipping cost in their product cost section to offer free shipping.

But, If the product you are looking at - product price is low, some more offer very low shipping cost or free shipping, then you know it cannot be the original one :)

Click Here To buy Original Eco Laundry Ball

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