Eco Pool Pumps and Why You Should Consider Buying One

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There are two reasons to have a swimming pool: for swimming, and to look good in your yard.

Obviously, when a person dives into a swimming pool, the swimmer expects the pool water to be clean and refreshing, but the aesthetic allure of a backyard swimming pool with crystal clear water that sparkles when the light touches it is a soothing sight to come home to.

It is the cleanliness of the water that is the most important consideration when maintaining a home swimming pool. Eco pumps challenge the conventional pool pumps and filters that pool owners have been using for decades by working toward the needs of pool owners today. Eco pumps can provide cleaner water, lower running costs, less noise, and more all-round satisfaction in what can be a large investment for a family home.

'Less is more' is modus operandi of the eco pump. Designed to run 24 hours a day, an eco pump runs at a fraction of the speed of conventional pool pumps, which greatly reduces energy costs without compromising on water quality. Ensuring that water continues to circulate is one of the most important factors in reducing water stagnation and bacteria growth.

Most eco swimming pool pump models have multiple speed settings that allow for greater circulation should the need arise. The lower default speeds are also much more quiet than conventional pool pumps, making the pool a more serene and pleasurable environment.

Classic pool pumps use a great deal more energy than eco pumps, as they often have stronger, single-speed motors that simply consume more energy, and more money only to provide the same service.

Many eco pumps also have longer warranties, up to three years as standard for some brands, whereas many conventional pool pumps come with a standard one-year warranty. This offers some valuable piece of mind when investing in your home pool.

Ultimately, having a swimming pool at your house is about fun and relaxation. If your pool pump, or any part of your pool system is adding financial stress to your life, then its time to make a chance as quickly as possible.
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