Effective Bidding Strategies

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There are quite a few different bidding methods this guide will outline a few of the methods  I have found successful.

     1.   The start and end method
     When you first find the listing and have read it though and decided that you do want to bid on the item place a bid that is just over the current price it may take you a few trys but just like bit $5 at a time so people think you are being a bit cheap and watch the item over the course of its listing time to see if you have been outbidded then right at the end of the listing if u have been outbidded when there is only a few minuets  left place another bid if this gets outbidded to weight until the last 30 seconds and place quite a large bid* because by the time your bid goes though there wont be much time for anyone else to place more bids.

     2.   The right at the end method

     When you have found an item just click the "watch this item in my ebay" button and over the course of the listing watch the item and make shore you do want it and it is what you think it is and then when the item get in to the last 10 minuets refresh your page every 2 min  or so increase this to 1 min in the last 5 to make shore the item isn’t getting up to to big a price then within the last min enter a large bid* and refresh the page every 10 seconds to see if you have been outbidded.

     3. Using uneven amounts

     Quite a lot of people just enter round amounts e.g. $20 , $50 etc but I have found it can be a good idea to enter an uneven amount eg.$22.39 or $51.24 that way ebay with there auto bidding up to you max bid will put a more rounded off bid as the current price but when someone enters a bit to outbid you they will most likely just enter a even number say $20 but because you have a uneven bid you bid still stays.


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