Electric Fan Heater Buying Guide

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Electric Fan Heater Buying Guide

Certains rooms in the home receive inadequate heating or some areas such as garages may not fall within the range of the central heating system. An electric fan heater provides heating in such areas. Mostly portable, eBay is the right place to get started.

Workings of the Electric Fan Heater

An electric fan space heater is a simple device that heats up a room needing additional warmth. A heating element within the appliance, usually ceramic plates and aluminium baffles or standard metallic coil resistors, use electrical energy, heat up, and in turn heat the surrounding air. Hot air rises up through grilles on the appliance and the fan disperses it into the surrounding space. Cold air from the room enters the appliance replacing the hot air and is heated in the same manner. As the cyclic process of convection progresses where cold air replaces hot air, all the air in the room is heated to create warmth. The electric fan space heater is also called a fan convection heater because it works on this principle of convection. To heat up a room quickly, shoppers must opt for this type of fan space heater.

Types of Electric Fan Heaters

Electric fan heaters are portable, however, fixed electric fan heaters are used in homes and commercial establishments. The portable electric fan heaters are of two types; ceramic heaters and heaters with metal elements. Portable units are extremely easy to use, requiring a standard electrical outlet and a convenient tabletop location, while large units are wall mounted or placed on the floor with casters.

Portable Ceramic Heaters

This type of electric fan heater uses a combination of ceramic plates and aluminium baffles. The ceramic plates are electrically heated and the heat is absorbed by the aluminium baffles while the fan directs the hot air into the interiors of the room. Having high thermal conductivity, ceramic gives out a great amount of heat from a small surface and it is energy efficient as well. Electrical fan heaters using ceramic plates are ideal for small spaces and may be used as personal heating systems. A ceramic fan heater has a built-in thermostat and temperatures range between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Automatic cut-off in case of overheating is a safety feature in these heaters.

Portable Fan Heaters with Heating Elements

When electricity flows through a heating element in the electric fan heater, it encounters electrical resistance and results in heat build-up. The rotating fan disperses the heat across the room creating warmth. The voltage requirement for the unit depends on the size of the unit and that of the room as well. Thermostat controls, heat guards, and automatic shut off at optimum temperatures are some safety features incorporated in these units. These are ideal for small offices and other small areas such as the kitchen or bathrooms. The unit is good enough for use during summer as well, with heating turned off the fan continues to function, cooling the area.

Fixed Panel Heaters

For large rooms, convection heaters called panel heaters are mounted permanently on the wall. These are available with casters for people not wanting it wall-mounted. Working on electricity, these units are permanently wired and provide continuous fan-forced heat across the room. These supplemental heating units help bring down energy bills considerably. Aesthetically designed to blend with the decor in any room, panel heaters are high on safety features.

Fixed Night-Storage Heaters

Another category of fixed convection heaters, night storage heaters work to store heat generated during off-peak night hours, when rates are less. The stored heat is released slowly during the day and is ideal as supplemental heating or background heating for rooms and confined spaces that remain occupied during the day. The unit has heating elements, a fan for blowing hot air, and other standard safety features.

How Portable Electric Fan Heaters Compare With Fixed Units

Shoppers must learn how the two devices compare, which is helpful in deciding which fan heater is more suited to their requirements.

For example, portable fan heaters are placed anywhere an electric outlet is available. Heating is limited to a small space with the fan dispersing generated heat quickly. The heater contains manual controls, a portable fan heater is inexpensive and uses less electricity as it heats up targeted spaces. One negative factor is that small portable heaters are generally noisy because of the fan.

Wall panel heaters on the other hand, are fixed in a room, either wall mounted or on the floor. They heat up large rooms and operate manually or via remote control. The use of a fan ensures even large rooms heat up fast. Wall panel heaters are ideal when it comes to supplemental heating that boosts central heating in homes, thereby reducing energy bills. Also, they are well insulated with sleek front panels and works noiselessly.

How to Buy

Shoppers looking for an electric fan heater can find numerous listings using the search bar on eBay's web pages. Relevant keywords such as "fan heaters" or "electric heaters" typed into the search bar displays listings with images. Additionally, eBay provides filters for types of heaters, their condition and price range making it easy for shoppers. Opt to buy from top rated sellers with excellent feedback. Additionally, shop eBay deals for some of the best offers. With numerous, secure payment options available, shoppers can select their most favoured payment mode at checkout to own the electric fan heater with all the features they desire.

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