Electric dog fence, why choose a known brand!

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Firstly, it should be noted that Hidden Fencing is an excellent and affordable method to keep a persons pet safe from harm.
The biggest factor in preserving the welfare of a pet on a system.
Electronic pet containment systems have kept pets safe in their yards for more than 40 years.  To date, there have been several million of these systems used successfully around the world.  The people who seek out these training aids are having problems managing their pet’s movements and are anxious for a solution. 
    Their problems could be as simple as the wrong choice of breed for their household or not having time to interact with their pet. In many cases, affordability of traditional fencing or fence repair is often a major obstacle to solving escaping behavior.
     Hidden fences were created to be an affordable containment solution, simplifying the training of dogs in a timely fashion by nurturing core elements of how the animal processes information. Hidden fences are a “behavioral barrier”, more so than a fence. It could be argued, and potentially proven, that hidden fences are far more effective in containing dogs safely, than traditional fencing. Social animal behavior could, in some ways, be improved with dogs all maintaining the same habitat status. The ability to view other dogs or animals regularly without physical fences acting as blockades could, in fact, soften aggressive behavior, recognizing “non-threating” proximity to each other.
With the growing problem of escaping pets, most pet owners have welcomed hidden fences with a great deal of praise. Some benefits of hidden fences are:
  • Hidden Fences are affordable to the average wage earner.
  • Relatively quick and permanent results
  • Protects the relationship between pet and owner, preserving cynopraxic values
  • Saves pets lives
  • Saves money and resources re-housing lost or unclaimed pets from shelters
  • May have an impact on unwanted canine pregnancies
  • Allows pets freedom to behave “normally” and move without restraint on entire properties
  • Keeps pets some safe from dangerous parts of properties, i.e., dams, heavy bush (ticks, snakes)
  • Minimises councils burdened with controlling wandering pets
  • Protects native wildlife from domestic animal interaction.
    What is a Hidden Fence?
            An electronic pet containment system or “Hidden Fence”  consists of a transmitter, boundary wire and a receiver.  The transmitter sends a coded Digital signal (preferably FM)  radio signal through a wire that surrounds the area of a client’s property where the animal is to be safely contained.  A traditional pet collar is equipped with a small, lightweight receiver, which picks up the signal if the pet approaches the signal field.  An audible tone (or vibration) alerts the pet that it is approaching its boundary.  If the pet should ignore the tone and not retreat from the boundary, it will receive a customised, aversive static stimulation to reinforce the rule of avoidance taught during the training.  It is important to note that the owner is trained to train the pet (via instruction by a Hidden Fence representative when professionally installed by Hidden fence) to the boundary (visibly marked with white flags) for several days.  During this time, the pet receives the audible warning and a subtle stimulation well below the pets TOD (threshold of Discomfort).  Only after the pet is showing acceptable signs of boundary recognition does the pet receive prey driven stimuli warranting greater levels of correction from the collar. Most reputable Hidden Fence distributors offer money-back pet containment guarantees (performance guarantees) and equipment warranties.
Firstly, There is only one Hidden Fence brand, which is a professional grade dog containment fence by DogWatch ® Hidden Fences, engineered and manufactured in Boston, MA USA.

Beware, however of cheap DIY products!!!!! These devices ARE harmful and are NOT welfare safe!!
Cheap DIY Dog Fence Containment systems are the problem with most issues surrounding proper containment of your pet while still preserving the animals welfare.
Many of these cheaper fences have wrongly called themselves Invisible Fence® or Hidden Fence®. Look carefully and make sure they carry the branded logos! If not, it's a knock off.
More and more cheap dog fence products continue to be imported from China. These particular “cheap DIY dog fence systems” are typically offered throughout on-line auction sites such as the one being vied presently.
Reports of these cheaper systems have been causing the industry much distress, as they simply are a waste of peoples money. A dealer network in Australia and New Zealand have been pulling more and more of these systems out of customers properties every month due to false activation and simply breaking down in a matter of weeks!
The problem is, once a dog has been exposed to the inconsistency and harsh operation of one of these cheap DIY dog fences from China, it simply makes our job more difficult to correct the initial behavior.
These are unregulated and non-compliant products without engineering requirements to contain a dog without a guarantee of non-activation via outside electrical noise. These products are completely manufactured in China and have not passed any Government safety requirements.
WARNING! “knock-off” Systems made in China will activate from the following devices:
Automobiles (especially Diesel engines),
TV sets,
Power points,
Land-line telephones,
Air-conditioners, etc.
These “knock-off” systems WILL activate these receivers and cause behavioral distress to the pet wearing the receiver.
Choose a brand that can guarantee it won't activate!! 
When considering the safety of an invisible dog fence, or “hidden dog Fence”, choose only a brand that meets the following requirements:
  • Authorized and Compliant with Government Communications Authority, proving EMC immunity.
  • Proof of a “Certificate of Compliance” for immunity.
  • Signal Modulation and Duty cycles that won’t activate via electrical noise.
  • Internationally recognized Brand with Manufacturing Support.
  • Receiver collars capable of individual programming.
  • Components, Parts and whole products are warranted locally and supported by international partners.
Since electronic pet containment systems are training tools to modify and extinguish wandering behaviour, it is paramount that the animal(s) wearing the collars have proper training as to where the boundary exists and what to do when encountering the boundary. Once these basic principles have been applied, then the last part of the puzzle is that the dog-fencing product is of the highest quality and operates consistently at the boundary only.
Choose a brand that has a supportive dealer network. The reason for a network is that the Hidden Fence does not work by itself. Only properly training the dog to the system and making the intention of the system clear is the foundation of its success. All Hidden Fence dealers are trained and skilled to help you, on-site, to maximize your dog’s success and understanding to its new boundary.
Choose only a brand that will stand by the product and not “falsely” activate throughout the yard via electrical noise.
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