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Privacy... it’s everyone’s right! Using Blind Carbon Copy [BCC] to send bulk email! The Internet and email system has proven to be a very open place where everyone’s identity is freely transmitted, stolen for spamming or in the worst case used for Identity Theft. Sending an e-mail message to a number of people that might prefer to remain anonymous? If you don't want everyone who gets your message to appear on the To: line, you may want to consider using the blind carbon copy (or Bcc:) field. You can help to make email more secure and make it harder for spammers (marketers) and thieves (well... scumbags) to obtain your information and more importantly INFORMATION ENTRUSTED TO YOU like your contacts EMAIL ADDRESSES. When emailing out a funny joke, newsletter, link to a cool website or just saying hello to 20 people at once you can use the BCC field found in every email system, including Hotmail, Outlook Express, Outlook, Incredimail, Windows Live, Windows Mail (Vista). It’s very easy and everyone is protected! Below is list of websites that provide tutorials; Try this video first: Wikipedia: Microsoft: Using Bcc is easy, as long as you follow a few easy steps. eHow REMEMBER If you use your work email address and signature for forwarding jokes around and you offend someone you could get the sack. Your employer will not admit liability and will probably be forced to let you go. DON’T USE YOUR CORPORATE OR WORK EMAIL OR YOU MAY GET THE SACK!
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