Emjoi Gently...I love it!!

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I have been waxing my legs for over 20 years and despite what they say my hair has never gotten finer or sparser. I have also used the "Epilady" when it was first released many many years ago. It was effective but quite painful.

So...for christmas one year I asked for an Emjoi Gently. I got the one with the gold plaited tweezers, I can't remember how much I paid for it but it is worth ever cent. I found that the more I used it the quicker and easier it got, less pain and less time. Compared to the Epilady, it was relatively painless.

Now I rarely feel pain when I use it. I have used it on all parts of my body except my face. Toes are painful!! When I do my bikini line I do small sections at a time, I trim the hair first, doing a little each day until it's all done.

When I first did my underarms it was painful but no where near as painful as waxing. You have to remember that the hair under your arms grows in several different directions, pulling the hair the wrong way is what causes the pain. After a few times it wasn't painful at all!!

Also, I have found that when I am retaining fluid (usually the first week of my menstrual cycle) I don't bother using it.....excess fluid makes it a little painful and sometimes quite difficult to remove the hairs. DON'T USE IT AFTER FLYING...BIG MISTAKE!!!

I also suffered from ingrown hairs and hair growing sideways. The method I use to combat this is to use a metal foot file to exfoliate dead skin. Metal foot files look like lemon zester and are very effective so use it with a gentle action. If you exfoliate the dead skin a day before you use the emjoi then hair removal is more effective. You should continue to exfoliate on a regular basis to eliminate ingrown hairs.

I also found it effective to use an "after depilatory soothing serum" to help my skin to recover quicker.

When I have time I supplement my hair removal routine with the "Emjoi Forever". This is an electrolysis system with tweezers instead of a needle. I have found this WONDERFUL!! It is completely painless and I have had a 100% success rate. The only thing is that it is very time consuming. It will take me a few years to do all the areas That I want to do. In the meantime I'll just keep using the Emjoi gently!

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