Emjoi ungently? Epilators, the facts.

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I recently bought an expensive epilator.

I wanted the best there was on the market so i bought the emjoi Ultimate AP-98R Epilator for $139.

I used an epilator ages ago when i was younger and it hurt like hell, but i thought with the changes in technology that there would be minimal pain this time around. 

It did hurt a little at first, but after a while you get used to the pain and you dont feel it as much anymore.  The more you use it, the less painfull it is.  However... I would not use it on my underarms and bikini line~!!  thats just too painful... even for me!  (i've got three piercings and a tatt)

I was wrapt with the results, my skin felt smooth and i didn't have to shave the next day.  Most Epilators claim that hair doesnt grow back for six weeks.  WRONG!  I know hair growth goes through three cycles, But i swear i have been shaving off the same hairs!

The other problem i have encountered is infected folicles (caused by the hair becoming trapped under the skin and becoming inflamed, producing red 'pimple like' lumps.)  And im not talking about a few... they are all over my legs in patches.  Also i have found hair growing sideways under the skin, so i have had to use tweezers to 'dig' into my skin and pull them out.

I thought that perhaps over time my skin would get used to the epilator and these issues would go away... but they havent.


So here are your positives : Hair doesnt grow back for at least 4 days.  Its not all that painful.  Its fast and convieniant (no water required). One time payment (save on razors). hair regrowth is a little finer

And the negatives: Not for the squemish of pain. Infected folicles and hair regrowing sideways under the skin. Need power outlet for cord, or constant recharging of battery required.


Im not saying dont  buy one.  This is only my Experience with epilators, yours may be different.  However i do have another friend who suffers the same 'symptoms' as myself after using an epilator.

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