Emporio Armani Watch Buying Guide

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A high-end luxury product line, the Emporio Armani line is the only diffusion line designed by Giorgio Armani himself. This is the fashion line that Giorgio Armani's company displays during the prestigious Milan fashion week every year. One can purchase Emporio Armani watches in Emporio Armani stores and boutiques as well as high-end department stores and online. Emporio Armani watches have classic proportions and shapes, and they are equally at ease in everyday wear and formal events. Consumers can choose from different collections, and each collection features a variety of elegant watches to match any preference.

Emporio Armani Watch Collections

The Emporio Armani collections feature designs that blend refined colours with clean and classic styling. Each collection contains watches for both men and women, with the Fashion line specifically for women and the Meccanico line for men. Each collection features a specific design characteristic that sets it apart from the other collections. All of the watches in each line feature the trademark Emporio Armani Eagle on the top of each watch face.


The Ceramica line utilises unique ceramic materials to produce lightweight watches. Ceramic materials make up the watch case, and different pigments infuse the materials to produce different colours ranging from white to titanium. The ceramic material comes in a high-polish finish or a subdued matte texture. The Ceramica line is available with both Roman numerals and partial Arabic numbering on the face and relies on quartz movement technology for operation.


The Classic line features traditional watch styling, with round or rectangular face shapes in the designs. The Classic line has watches with Roman, Arabic, and non-numeric indicators on the faces to suit a variety of preferences. A majority of watches in the Classic line make use of brown, black, and titanium colour schemes to create a more traditional look.


The Fashion line is limited to designs specifically for women. All of the watches in the line make use of Roman numerals or non-numeric faces as well as unique colour arrangements utilising reds, blues, and greens. Several round pattern watches are available for everyday use, and the rectangular watches are at home in more formal settings.


The Meccanico line features designs specifically for men. The line features deco-inspired timepieces with predominantly gold and black themes that make heavy use of rustic leather. The unique feature of the Meccanico line is that the internal workings of the watch are visible from the back of the piece. The Meccanico line utilises both Roman numerals and non-numeric digits on the face, and each watch in the line also features a stopwatch and calendar dial.

The New Retro Collection

The New Retro Collection features round cases and simple yet elegant styling for both men and women. The line makes use of non-numeric and Roman numerals and clean watch faces that give the collection an unfettered appearance. Basic gold, black, and titanium colours round out the collection, along with leather and metallic bands.


The Sportivo collection boasts designs for men and women who maintain active lifestyles. The collection features multiple colour options and watchband styles, from leather and metallic to rubberised. The entire line of the watches features round faces set into heavy cases that give the appearance of ruggedness and durability, yet maintain an attractive luxury appeal. The Sportivo line makes use of non-numeric digits on the watch faces, and the rubberised watch bands help create a rugged and adventurous look.


The Stylesport line encompasses designs specifically for men and feature athletic-themed watches with round faces and rubberised watchbands. The slim lines of the watches make them comfortable to wear during sporting events, and the rubberised bands help keep them in place. The line comes in several colours, including blue, white, red, and black.

Super Slim

Designed for both men and women, the Super Slim line features slender watch cases that are both lightweight and elegant. The Super Slim line makes exclusive use of Roman numerals on the watch face, and the thin case gives the watch a sophisticated appearance.

Wearing an Emporio Armani Watch

Emporio Armani watches are appropriate for a number of occasions, from everyday to formal. The elegant nature of the Emporio watches lends a luxurious appeal to even a rugged sporting event.




Sportivo line is excellent for everyday wear for men and women; Fashion line is casual enough for everyday wear; Ceramica and Classic lines double as everyday and casual wear

Sporting Events

The men's Stylesport line focusses on sporting and adventure events; lightweight and rubber watch bands ensure ease of use

Casual Events

Classic and Ceramica lines are excellent for casual events; women's coloured Fashion line suitable for high-casual events

Formal Events

Men's Meccanico line and women's more formal Fashion line suitable for formal engagements; Super Slim line and New Retro collection are also suitable

There is an Emporio Armani watch for any event. Many of these stylish watches are appropriate across a myriad of settings, from sporting events to even formal gatherings.

How to Buy an Emporio Armani Watch on eBay

Searching for and finding the right Emporio Armani watch is easy and safe using the powerful search tools available oneBay. You can begin a search by entering a keyword, such as " Emporio Armani watch", into the search box on any eBay page. You can then view a list of the available watches from a variety of sellers on the website. Buyers can easily compare watch and shipping prices from the various listings, which makes finding the great deals on watches a simple process. The advanced shopping tools available on eBay make it a great one-stop shopping portal to find luxury watches at affordable prices.

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