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Why is enhancing, locking and retaining your skin's moisture important in reducing wrinkles? 
The beauty advices published in the magazines do not mean that they are 100% correct and they may not work for everyone until you have a chance to actually try them out yourself. Using facial mist spray on dry skin is one example.  
Spraying facial mist spray onto dry skin a few times can make the skin drier and drier.  Your skin's moisture evaporates into the air, just like water. When the skin is feeling very dry, wrinkles appear more pronounced.
To prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, keeping your skin hydrated is essential.
In other words, after spraying mist spray, we need to put on lotion or cream (moisturiser, etc, a type that's suitable for our skin) when our skin is still moistened.
The same applies to using facial masks.
After using moisturising facial masks to enhance the skin's moisture level, you need to put on lotion or cream (moisturiser, etc, a type that's suitable for your skin).
The purpose is to "lock " or retain the moisture level and balance of your skin. 


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