Ensure that you read entire ads.

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I haven't been on ebay for very long, but in the short time that I have, the one thing I have learnt very quickly

is to ensure that you read every word of an ad very carefully.

I myself have not yet experienced anything negative about buying or selling on ebay, and that's because I am

very cautious. But a couple of my friends and even a couple of family members have made mistakes with

buying certain things and that has simply been because they didn't read the entire ad properly or for that matter

did not heed the warnings that ebay constantly make about who they deal with and what they are buying.

Ebay does a wonderful job of ensuring that all buyers and sellers can safely and securely buy and sell products

so that the customer will always be happy.

One of the warnings they give is about dealing with Western Union or Money Gram. One of my friends

unfortunately was ripped off $200 simply because she did not read ebays warnings.

A family member purchased an item that he thought was the real thing and he ended up getting what was

simply a list of companies that sell the actual product. Both of these incidences was simply because the

customer did not read the ads correctly and therefore didn't get what they thought they were getting.

So, just a little bit of helpful advice and that is the please make sure when purchasing on ebay that

you do read entire ads very carefully, that way you wont get caught out.

Thankyou ebay for doing such a wonderful job of ensuring that we can all shop on ebay safely.

Keep up the good work.

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