Ephemera: A snapshot of the past

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What is Ephemera?

Ephmera literally means 'lasting one day' and in the field of collectables it is referring to those items that were not designed to last forever.  This includes items such as bus and train tickets, timetables, letterheads, documents and all sorts of items that were designed for a purpose that was functional rather than something to be kept.

That is what makes it so interesting and it is an easy entry point for the collector as many items are very affordable.  The only big decision is deciding what to collect!

What is so interesting about ephemera is the insight it provides into the past.   Catalogues for example from department stores provide the collector with a document which can help them to identify an item in its social history.  They are able to provide the collector with something tangible to connect them to the past.  A photograph of a steam train is even more interesting with a train ticket with date and destination.

Search ebay under the term ephemera and see what turns up.  There is no limit to this field.  Only your imagination.



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