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Everybody needs to write essays. For work, school, university and more, essays are an important part of life, so it is a good idea to know a quick summary on how to write a basic essay.

First and foremost, an introduction which will answer the topic question, state the essay plan (such as the Pro's and Con's towards a certain topic).

Then the main body of the essay. For school and university essays, there should be a paragraph for the positives of the topic, and another for the drawbacks of the topic. Then maybe a paragraph or two explaining the topic in more detail.

A diagram may be inserted, but this needs to be referenced, as do all quotes. These references come from your word document when you go "Insert" then "Reference" and then "Footnote". If using a diagram, do not forget to give an explaniation underneath.

A conclusion sums up the main points of the arguement or topic and informs the reader of your position on the topic.

Finally a bibliography where all internet sites, books, interview references (etc.) are sited. An appendix is an optional extra where you put any information which is relevant to the topic - for example a newspaper article (etc). Now you have done, just read over it and enjoy the satisfaction of completing an essay!

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