Essential Photography Gear for Beginners

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Essential Photography Gear for Beginners

Getting started as a photographer can be an overwhelming experience. There is a lot of gear available, and most photography-related accessories do very specific things. Photographers may find themselves purchasing equipment that they never end up using. Although it may be tempting to start shooting and pick up equipment later, photographers should not go without certain items. Accessories such as camera bags, tripods, lens cleaners, and some kinds of filters help protect costly cameras, whereas lenses, filters, and external flashes let photographers take high-quality pictures in a variety of conditions.



The kit lenses that come bundled with many digital SLR cameras can produce great portrait photos; however, using other lenses can help take high-quality pictures in a wide variety of situations. They offer photographers a lot more control over the available shooting environment, and they can boost the image quality of an average camera. Some handy lenses to have on hand include ultra wide-angle, telephoto, and macro lenses.


Extra memory cards

Few things are more annoying than running out of card space in the middle of a great photo shoot. Like any piece of technology, SD cards can also malfunction in the middle of a photo series. It is always a good idea to keep a few extra SD cards on hand.


External flash

Although natural light is ideal, a good external flash can help make the most of low lighting conditions. The flashes that come built into cameras usually do not offer the best light. Photographers should use an external flash to achieve truly professional looking images.


Remote shutter release

A remote shutter release is an indispensible piece of equipment for any photographer who wants to do long exposure or stop-motion photography. Shutter releases allow photographers to snap the shutter without touching the camera. This keeps the camera from moving when photographers press down the shutter, and gives them the ability to shoot several images in quick succession.



A tripod provides a sturdy mount for the camera, which is handy for a wide variety of photography techniques. Photographers should invest well in a good, reliable tripod. It should be able to carry the total weight of the camera, lens, and flash, and it should be sturdy enough to stay standing in windy conditions. Photographers who do not want to carry heavy tripods can keep their eyes peeled for carbon fibre tripods, which are very strong, but easy to carry.



Lens filters have several different purposes. They can help boost colours, keep reflections at bay, or help improve lighting conditions. They also help protect lenses, which is very useful, as filters are usually much cheaper than lenses are. There are a few key filters that beginners should consider, including polariser, UV, neutral density, and colour filters.


Polariser filters help reduce reflections, which is very helpful for shooting near glass or other shiny surfaces or objects. They can also make colour saturation more intense.


UV filters help protect lenses from moisture, dirt, and scratches without affecting the image quality.


Camera bag

There is little point in investing lots of money in pricy cameras and gear, only to damage that gear while transporting it. Good camera bags have padding in all the right places to protect cameras, lenses, flashes, and other essential equipment. Some bags look like regular shoulder bags, which is useful for photographers who want to be discreet. Beginners usually carry less equipment than seasoned photographers do, so they can usually get away with purchasing smaller bags. However, they may want to go slightly larger than they need to avoid upgrading as they acquire more equipment.


Spare battery

Modern camera batteries last much longer than the camera batteries of the past; however, that does not mean that they cannot die in the middle of a shoot. It is a good idea to carry a spare battery to avoid an emergency.


Lens cleaning products

Lenses and filters tend to get dusty and dirty quickly, and it is not a good idea to clean camera equipment with a T-shirt or old cloth. Photographers should invest in products specifically designed for cleaning lenses, such as lens cleaning cloths or dust blowers.


How to buy photography gear on eBay

If you have decided to take the plunge and invest in photography gear to go with your camera, sellers on eBay offer a large inventory of products. You can browse through available items by shopping among categories, or search for specific items. If you decide to search, it helps to choose descriptive search terms, such as item type, brand name, camera type, or size. If your search yields too many results, use the site's filters to narrow your search by item condition, brand, or price.

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