Essential Sewing Supplies!

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You have your sewing machine but what else should you add that is essential for your sewing area?

You want to make sure you have a whole bunch of bobbins, have some all ready winded with your most used eg. black, white and beige colours. Leave some blank for those occasions when you need to match specific coloured threads to specific fabric colours when you are creating a special garment


Have a whole bunch (in a bag is fine or in one of those nice sewing boxes) of different color threads available so you can just pick and choose as you go.

My most used and absolutely essential piece of equipment that I just can't live without is my trusty old double sided measuring tape. Centimeters on the one side and inches on the other side.

A variety pack of sewing machine needles. Some thinner sizes for the lighter work and some heavier sizes for the tougher fabrics like denim. Make sure you always replace the old needle with a new one when starting a new project.

Thread scissors is a absolutely must have. I always keep one next to my sewing machine to snip of the treads when I'm  finished stitching. It will most definitely save you time looking and is just so easy and effective to use. A definite must have in your kit.

A variety of scissors are going to make your sewing life much easier. Scissors for specific tasks and different shape and size scissors are going to come in really handy. Just make sure they are sharpened regularly so they will cut your  fabric very easily.

Talking about scissors. Never ever, ever use your fabric cutting scissors for cutting anything else. You want your fabric cutting scissors to always stay nice and sharp.

Did you know their is a eBay store that sells just scissors. Scissors of any description and for any use you can think of.

Second most used tool in my kit is of course the unpicker (seam ripper), something no sewer can live without. Your thread scissors and unpicker goes hand in hand and should be by your side at all times just in case you need to make any minor adjustments.

Other things any sewer must have is good quality sewing pins, there are many varieties to choose from. Also different size and sharpness in sewing needles and always have a few safety pins. Safety pins come in very handy and are useful in various sewing projects.

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