Eva Kool 'MATE' fridge freezer

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I put in a bid and it was for the evakool 'mate' fridge freezer. the person was selling and all proceeds go to the 'cancer council' and paid by 'paypal'. the price new was about a $1000, and the end price went for $670. my last bid was for $570. $670 it was too much and i didn't think much about it until i received a second bid offer at my last bid of $570. okay i thought , brand new at $570. so i went to the eva koola site to check on the model and found it wasn't 240v so i replied that i didn't want it. he replied and said it will be supplied with an adaptor for 240v. great ! he wanted to be paid by western union and i said they didn't have one in this country town that i live in. by now i was getting suspicious as i hadn't receive a second chance email in 'my messages'. he also said that he was travelling in the netherland and that his brother would see to the postage ! netherland or netherlands ? maybe neverland i thought. i sent his email to ebay and they said it was a fake and they are investigating him. the email he sent me from ebay looked and by all accounts could haver fooled anyone, but as ebay say check your 'messages', and if you are at all not sure ask them. also get the account guard 'green' logo in the toolbar. that's a good indicator too. keep on guard at all times and check their feedback if it looks sus send it to ebay..
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