Evidence of an item condition prior to shipping

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With all of the years of trade we have done on E-bay over the years our experience is generally good however in recent times there are those who will unfortunately exploit the buyers protection and lodge a bad claim for a damaged item and then when the item is returned you discover that this item was not the item you sent

Tips to avoid this

1/ In a discreet place on the item engrave a business logo, stock number or similar, put this on a place where you know the mark will be expected for that item but where it will obviously not damage the external appearance of the item for the purchaser

2/ Take a photo of the item with the courier bag on or under the item at time of shipping

3/ Make it clear in your listings that all items are sent at buyers risk however also make it clear in your listings that insurance can be purchased for each item if the buyer wishes to be covered.  Most courier companies will have a flat rate of insurance available to cover up to a particular $$ value

In taking the above steps you will hopefully find that the instance of these dodgy claims will reduce and at the same time should you have this occur you should be covered from all angles regardless if the insurance was taken by the purchaser or not.

We have learnt  this lesson when an E-Bay member purchased a tail light from us, approximately 3 weeks later called us to state was damaged.  When questioned as to why it had taken 3 weeks to make contact he could not answer.  The purchaser lodged a claim through PayPal who ordered him to return the light to us.  Once finally returned we discovered that the light was not only badly damaged from what appeared to be accident damage, it was not even the correct model of tail light, in other words it had come from another model of car.  PayPal still refunded his claim as we were not able to provide sufficient proof that the returned item was the one we sent out in the first place

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