Exhaust Pipe Gauge Buying Guide

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Exhaust Pipe Gauge Buying Guide

Buyers who want to increase power in their vehicles often choose to add turbochargers and parts to their engines. These turbo modifications can be installed into vehicles that use either petrol or diesel fuel to boost an engine's horsepower. Turbochargers are popular because they increase an engine's output without adding a significant amount of weight to a vehicle. To monitor a turbo engine's performance, buyers can purchase an exhaust pipe gauge, also known as an exhaust gas temperature (EGT) gauge, to safely take readings from their vehicles' exhaust pipe. Exhaust pipe gauges can be found in local automotive specialty shops as well as online at websites like eBay. Before shopping for an exhaust pipe gauge, buyers should know the purpose of the gauge, how they are constructed, and which types of features are available.

The Purpose of an Exhaust Pipe Gauge

To aid buyers in their search for the best exhaust pipe gauge for their specific situations, it is important to understand what the gauge is designed to do. Maintaining an appropriate exhaust gas temperature is vital to keeping a turbo engine running efficiently. Although most vehicles have a temperature gauge, adding an exhaust pipe gauge measures temperatures outside the range of a standard temperature gauge.

Exhaust Pipe Gauge Measurements

The aim of an exhaust pipe gauge is to measure the temperature levels within an engine's cylinders and the amount of fuel that is released through the exhaust manifold. This allows buyers to see the air-to-fuel ratio that their turbo engines are consuming. If too much fuel is burned, buyers see a high reading on their exhaust pipe gauges. Once buyers know that there is a problem with their turbo engines, they can examine what is causing the imbalance between the air and fuel combustion mix with the engine.

Common Causes for High Exhaust Pipe Measurements

If the air-to-fuel ratio that is measured by an exhaust pipe gauge is not correct, buyers can check whether there is a problem with the air or fuel input leading to an engine. In general, there are a number of common causes to check to remedy the problem.

Causes for High Exhaust Pipe Measurements

Potential Issues

Fuel-related problems

Fuel pump is malfunctioning

Air-related problems

Soiled air filter

Clogged air intake

Radiator cooling problems

One of the most essential benefits of an exhaust pipe gauge is that it allows buyers to see problems with engine components before the problems reach a critical stage. Without the gauge's warnings that there is a problem, buyers may experience excessive exhaust smoke before they realise the air-to-fuel ratio and temperatures within the engine are not at optimal levels.

Exhaust Pipe Gauge Components

An exhaust pipe gauge is outfitted with a thermocouple probe and a pyrometer, which work in conjunction to measure heat. A gauge is connected to the probe and pyrometer by wires and must remain away from the source of any heat. To measure exhaust levels, the probe is installed into the exhaust manifold or directly outside the turbine of a turbo charger. For easy reading, the gauge is typically mounted within a vehicle in an area near, or on, a dashboard. Once a vehicle is turned on, the thermocouple probe and pyrometer register heat emitting from the vehicle's turbo engine. Temperatures ranging from 675 to 700 degrees Celsius are considered optimal. If temperatures exceed 700 degrees Celsius for a prolonged period of time, a vehicle's engine can sustain damage. Additionally, if an engine peaks for a short amount of time at 750 degrees Celsius or more, immediate engine problems can result from the excessive temperatures.

Exhaust Pipe Gauge Features

To match the preferences of customers, manufacturers of exhaust pipe gauges design their models with a number of features. Which features are preferable rely on buyers' needs for accuracy and easy usage.

Digital Displays

Older models of exhaust pipe gauges contained needle gauges on plain backgrounds to show drivers the temperatures of their exhaust pipes. Modern exhaust pipe gauges generally include digital displays, however, which make reading measurements easier. Some gauges still employ a needle to register temperatures, but the background of the gauge is illuminated by LED lights. Digital displays on exhaust pipe gauges can range from one colour readings on a black display to multi-colour readings that change hues as temperature values rise. In addition to showing the actual temperature the gauge is registering, some digital displays on exhaust pipe gauges also include a light meter.

Power Options

Many exhaust pipe gauges are powered via a vehicle's battery. Although a gauge does not draw a large amount of power from the battery, buyers who have a number of vehicle accessories installed in their cars that also use battery power may have some issues wiring the accessories to the battery at one time.

Accuracy Ratings

Exhaust pipe gauges include accuracy ratings that can vary by model. Accuracy for most models of exhaust pipe gauges range from plus or minus 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, but more sophisticated gauge models can provide readings that are accurate within a 1 degree range. Highly accurate readings are critical for drivers who engage in racing competitions, so buyers who plan to race with their turbocharged vehicles should choose gauges with the highest accuracy possible.


Because it is essential for drivers to keep their eyes on the road, some exhaust pipe gauge models feature alarms. The alarms sound as a gauge starts to approach excessive temperature levels, growing louder once dangerous temperatures are reached. In some alarm-enabled gauge models, drivers can manually set which temperatures can cause an alarm to sound, but many models include automatic factory settings that activate at a certain temperature.

Mounting Options

Another important feature for buyers to consider is how they plan to mount their exhaust pipe gauges once the gauges are purchased. Depending on the design of a gauge, mounting can be limited to the top of a dashboard or underneath the dashboard, while some models allow buyers to choose either location. If buyers want flexibility in terms of mounting options, they should purchase exhaust pipe gauges that include a variety of brackets so that they can change a gauge's mounting if necessary.

Buying Exhaust Pipe Gauges on eBay

Buyers interested in accessing a variety of exhaust pipe gauge purchasing options should visit eBay to view the wide selection of gauges that are available. If buyers are looking for a bargain, they can also visit eBay Deals' Automotive section to search for discounted exhaust pipe gauge models. Before choosing a model, buyers should check each exhaust pipe gauge's specifications to be certain that it can provide the accuracy and ease-of-use that a buyer requires. Most importantly, buyers should review the temperature ranges of a model since some models have a maximum temperature reading that is below 750 degrees Celsius. Since accessories, like instruction manuals and mounting brackets, are essential for operating an exhaust pipe gauge properly, buyers should also check what is included in each purchase.


Turbochargers provide buyers with increased vehicle power, but need to be monitored carefully for performance issues to protect the vehicle's engine from damage. One efficient way to track a turbocharger's performance is to add an exhaust pipe gauge to a vehicle. Exhaust pipe gauges register the temperatures emitting from an engine and allow users to avoid problems if gauge readings exceed optimal levels. When choosing exhaust pipe gauge models, buyers have a number of purchasing options related to the features that a model can contain. Digital illumination makes it easier to read a gauge while alarms and mounting options allow users to keep their focus on their driving. Once buyers determine which capacities are the most beneficial in an exhaust pipe gauge, they can visit eBay to browse through a large selection of purchasing options.

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