Exploding CRT's

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Most crt computer monitors are in a vacuum and breaking them would in theory create an implosion. What is suppose to happen when the vacuum is release is the glass is showered everywhere and there is a loud bang. This is if it is hit the correct way. if the back of the monitor is hit the vacuum is just released and nothing happens. what needs to be done is the impact to hit right in the middle of the screen to get it right. Now I have tried a few different types of methods in my backyard. I have thrown a brick at the screen and I have picked it up and thrown it against the wall. in one of my tests I nearly got it right, the bang was created and glass covered a greater area. I do have the videos to proof it. it is of my opinion that the following circumstances need to be in place to get the best results.<p>

1 - the impact must be in the center or close there to of the screen<p>

2 - a working monitor needs to be used<p>

3 - a higher res. computer monitor is better then perhaps a TV<p>

I have come put with a number of impacts that might work. the first I have tested, which is throwing it or dropping it onto concrete. Another way would be with a large heavy mallet. I'm not sure if my next two ideas will influence the results. many people have subjected to shoot it, but I reckon that the sheer force of the bullet will take away from the implosion. The next way would to put a small explosive charge onto the screen. If it wasn’t too big it would crack the glass but again it could take away from the implosion. There are many myths surrounding crts and I believe from my own experience that these would be the best but there could be some others.
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