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Ugg Boots, somtimes spelled Ugh boots or Ug boots. DECKER


1) The quality of the stitching on the fakes is very bad.

2) The ones that are fake do not have a raised or embossed insignia on the bottom of the soles.

3) The Care Booklet that comes with the boots is in white. It has the words "Ugg Australia" embossed and it is square. Fake ones are badly printed and in silver. The pictures in the booklet are sharp and clear. The fakes ones are not. They have been scanned and printed in color and appear fuzzy or unclear. The colors are exaggerated.As of June of 2007 the Care booklet has been replaced with a cream colored card and an insert also in the beige color. Ugg no longer puts the white booklet in the box with the boots made after June of 2007.

4) The box is different: Genuine Ugg Box is one piece with a flip open lid attached. It is a strong sturdy box. The words "UGG Australia are wrten in the middle of the lid. The Ugg Logo is a starbust orange sun. It is not big but small. Ugg now as of May 2007 has a new box. It is a flip top box.

5) The bottom of the boot is raised or embossed with the UGG insignia in a Classic tall or short Authentic Ugg.  A fake is flat.

6) They are subject to copywright infringment as only Deckers is allowed to use the word UGG. They have also copied Deckers labels and boxes.

7) The seller says they are made in New Zealand or Australia for a Classic Tall or Classic Short. Uggs are Manufactured by Deckers Inc. They have been making them in China for the past 2 years. They used to make them in Australia and New Zealand but have not for 2 years or more. The uggs that are advertised as made in Australia or New Zealand are FAKES. They are not from Deckers Inc. They have copied the label and insignia but they are not from Deckers Inc.

8) Believe it or not, genuine Classic Deckers UGGS are made in China.  The fake Decker UGGS always say made in New Zealand or sometimes Australia.  Here's the genuine label (for a classic short) on the left and the fake on the right.  Also note how the font style for 'australia' is different

9) Genuine Ugg Australia boots have real sheepskin for the lining & not synthetic fur.

'UGG® Australia' is the market leader in sheepskin boot manufacturing (the ones all the celebs wear) and have trademark rights to the word 'UGG' in Europe and the US. 'UGG® Australia' is owned by US firm Deckers Outdoor Corp. Yes, they are American, NOT Australian! Most of UGG® Australia's products are actually manufactured in China and it is only really a few older styles such as the 'Ultras' which are made in Australia / New Zealand.
The 'UGG® Australia' story began in 1978, when Brian Smith, a young surfer from Australia, took a trip to the United States with a bag full of sheepskin boots. Deckers Outdoor Corporation then acquired 'UGG® Australia'  in 1995, but it wasn't until 1998 that the critical repositioning of 'UGG® Australia' took place and the brand was positioned as a high-end luxury footwear brand where it is today.

 These are all Fakes. Note the fake tags.

Fakes are sold on eBay and its very hard to stop it. Microsoft state that 50% of all software sold on eBay is fake. Rolex watches, Callaway, Ping and TaylorMage Golf clubs, and evry designer label you can name has fakes.

Always check a sellers feedback. Look what they have sold, itseasy to buy 30 cheap $1 items and get 100%. Look deeper. Only pay by Pal Pal. If you dont you can only blame yourself. Also use some common sense and trust your gut. If you see a seller who in the passed has been buying or selling  cheap used toys and clothing. Now they have some Brand new Hug boots (Unwanted gift they say) keep away.

If it looks to good to be true it IS.

I dont sell Ugg boots, I hope I can help a few buyers and the genuine people who make a living selling and producing authentic material.


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