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How do I know I own an Authentic Gameboy Advance Game?
Authentic GBA games have the words "200X Nintendo" printed in white on the circuit board just above the gold contacts where the game goes into the system.
You can see it with a torch without taking the cart apart. (see photo below, this text is exposed when the cart is together)

You can also compare it with an authentic one. The front "Game Boy Advance" logo that is molded into the plastic just above the label will look different.

On a Pirate copy you will notice that the wording may not be imprinted as symetrical as what it should. On the back, the Nintendo logo may be misspelled, look different or be absent altogether.

The color of the cart itself may be a darker gray on the bootleg.

Authentic carts also have a number embossed into the label (you have to hold it at an angle to the light to see it)

Other tell tale signs can be :-

Shoddy label placement. - The label sticker should be properly aligned and centered.

Poor-quality printing of the label. - Legitimate Companies do not print the cartridge labels with a Lexmark inkjet, using the “medium-quality” setting.

Incorrect label. - If possible, make sure the label artwork matches what’s on other carts.

Black contacts. - Metallic contacts should be visible.

Vertically-centered logo and text on cart’s back. - The logo and text should be placed higher than the center.

Enlarged logo and sunken text. - The logo and recessed text on legit copies should be smaller and more subtle.

Cardboard on box thinner

Manual sub quality. - Often with pages missing

Always look closely for "Nintondo" Instead of Nintendo

Pirated carts are notorious for poor construction, second-rate manuals, and crashing during gameplay

Here are a few pictures to help you out tell real from fake cartridges


         Authentic Mario Kart                                                            Counterfeit Mario Kart



  Authentic Pokemon Fire Red                                                Counterfeit Pokemon Fire Red



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