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Hi All

There comes my attention about many jewellery scammers in AUSTRALIA.
I like to draw this attention to anyone who is buying or selling jewellery.
I notice that many scammers are selling fake jewellery and describe their's items as genuine gold and/or genuine gemstoned/diamonds in eBay.
They are around with same design I notice. They never go away.

It is so unfair for both buyer and seller.
Genuine sellers sell item with high cost of products but get less and less profit while scammer get big profit at lowest cost.
Buyer will be lured by photos and descriptions to buy fake cheap jewellery.
Importantly, it is ILLEGAL.


BUYER, it is ok if you want to enjoy their products. You have rights. I cant stop you to enjoy that.
But if you don't want to be fooled, Please watch in details before bidding/buy.

I notice that this scammers accounts are openned and closed many times with different names.
After years of survey, at least, I can point you something.

1) They will NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL to accept payment. (If they are in Australia)
Why? First, paypal need to verify credit card against eBay user information. They don't want to because they have false registration info.
Secondly, importantly, paypal is protecting buyer, buyer can open dispute and refund all payment back from seller.
Scammers don't want to refund.
They will rip buyer's money with normal bank account or money order where REFUND is totally IMPOSSIBLE.

2) They will list item as PRIVATE AUCTION to hide some truth of who is bidding and who won items.
Why? First, buyer will never know who is bidding. Are they genuine bidder or SHILL BIDDING? (Bidding on their products)
Secondly, feedback will hide sold history records.

3) If you notice many LARGE STONE of ruby, sapphire, diamond (1CT or larger), and they keep listing the same and auction end less than $100, there are likely that the stones /diamonds are fake.

4) If there is NO HALLMARK/STAMP in any photos or even in description. It is likely that the metal is not genuine gold. It is plated/bonded gold.

5) Look at their LOW FEEDBACK/ PROFILE, these people come to rip money as long as eBay don't close them down.
Read their feedback and see if there is any problems, particularly, fake gold and gemstones/diamonds.
Remember, these peopley can dissappear in seconds.

I think above list points straight to let anyone can easily to spot who is likely to be scammer.


If you are already bought some items and not sure about what you got. These are what I suggest

1) Test diamond with diamond probe at any jeweller store near you.

2) Get comment on product from jewellery you know.

3) If you sure that item is fake. Report it to eBay, eBay have investigation team to track down this scammer gang.
At least, eBay will close them down quickly and stop further victim.


For SELLER who trade genuine jewellery in eBay, please support by finding any way to reduce these scammer.
I suggest, short information in item page, Guide, About Me. or auto response email.
They are ruining Australian Jewellery Industry.


As usual, if this ediot guide is help, please give me a vote

Thanks for reading and vote


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