FAKE Pokemon Games LIST & PHOTOS of the FAKES

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Here is a list and a whole bunch of photo's of all the FAKE POKEMON games. Ive done a few guides to show people how to determine a fake game from a legit one, but here are some photo's of the fake versions in existance.  This guide will help you avoid those.
Remember: If a seller is selling one fake, the chance are ALL the games they sell are FAKE!


Known Fake Pokemon Games:

  • Pocket Monsters Go Go!  (hack of legit Smurfs)
  • Pokemon Adventure  (hack of  legit Sonic)
  • Combo-system Pokemon games  (hacks of old legit NES titles)
  • Pokemon Jade and Pokemon Diamond GBC&GBA  (hacks of Telefang Speed and Telefang Power)
  • Fake Pokemon Crystal  (hack of legit Pokemon Crystal)
  • Pokemon Sapphire for GBC - (Hack of legit Pokemon Blue)
  • Pokemon Cyber - (Hack of legit Pokemon Red)
  • Pokemon Chaos Black  (hack of legit Fire Red)
  • Pokemon Quartz  (hack of legit Ruby/Sapphire)
  • Pokemon Naranja  (hack of legit Fire Red/Leaf Green to include Orange Islands)
  • Pokemon Perla  (hack of legit Ruby/Sapphire)
  • Pokemon Blue Diamond
  • Pokemon Green Diamond
  • Pokemon Metalic/Metallic
  • Pokemon Arcoiris
  • Pokemon Friggo Returns
  • Pokemon Shiny Gold
  • Pokemon Pocket Monsters
  • Pokemon Pocket Monsters Diamond
  • Pokemon Pocket Monsters Jade
  • Pokemon Jade
  • Pokemon Special Edition 2in1
  • Pokemon Poke-Mon
  • ALL cartridges like 80 in 1 or 101 in 1 (Multi game carts) = FAKE
    You might think it is cheap paying $100 etc but the theiving counterfeiters make them for a
    few dollars. There is even a site on google that only sells these type of games :(
  • Why risk paying your hard earned $$$ for a fake game to jam up and be useless in a week or
    two, or maybe a few months if you are lucky.....!!??

    The counterfeiting will only stop when buyers refuse to buy them....


    Fake Pokemon Games Photo's Below

    "Pokemon Crystal"  on GBA    &   "Pokemon Perla"

    "Pokemon Arcoiris"   &   "Pokemon Quartz"

    "Pokemon Chaos Black"    &    "Pokemon Naranja"

    "Poke Mon"  & "Pocket Monsters Go! Go!"    

    "Pokemon Friggo Returns" 
    "Pokemon Pocket Monsters Diamond" 
    "Pokemon Pocket Monsters Jade" 
    "Pokemon Diamond" for GBC/GBA

    "Pokemon 2in1Crystal/Diamond"   
    Pokemon Special Edition Diamond"  
    "Pokemon Sapphire" GBC  
    "Pokemon Jade" or  "Pokemon Jade Version"

    And Remember is you see ANY games with RP on the front (pic above)
    They are 100% FAKE -- It stands for "Rating Pending" meaning the game
    is not yet Released !! No games are released without being Age-Classified..



    The only Legit Pokemon Games are these:

    NOTE:  I have written the actual colour of the Pokemon Cartridge next to the name of the game-
    This information provides you with one of the best indications if infact a Pokemon game is Authentic or Fake.....

    Pokemon Red GBC-
    Solid Red
    Pokemon Blue GBC - Solid Blue
    Pokemon Yellow GBC- Solid Yellow
    Pokemon Silver GBC- Solid Silver with Glitter
    Pokemon Gold GBC- Solid Gold with Glitter
    Pokemon Pinball GBC- Solid Black with Rumble Pak feature
    Pokemon Trading Car Game GBC- Solid Black
    Pokemon Crystal GBC- Transparent Blue/Clear with Glitter
    Pokemon Puzzle League GBC- Transparent Clear Light Grey
    Pokemon Ruby GBA -  Transparent Bright Red
    Pokemon Fire Red GBA- Solid Light Red
    Pokemon Emerald GBA- Transparent Dark Green
    Pokemon Leaf Green GBA- Solid Lime Green
    Pokemon Sapphire GBA- Transparent Dark Blue
    Pokemon Pinball (Ruby & Sapphire) GBA- Solid Black with a Red & Blue label
    Pokemon Mystery Blue Dungeon DS
    Pokemon Trozei DS
    Pokemon Ranger DS
    Pokemon Dash DS
    Pokemon Pearl DS
    Pokemon Diamond DS
    Pokemon Explorers of Time
    Pokemon Explorers of Darkness



    (Please excuse my photo's - eBay only allow 10 low-quality photo's to be used per guide)
    Do not copy or use any part of this guide without permission.

    See my other guides if you want to see photo's of the Authentic Games!


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