FAKE! Sennheiser PX200 - 95% are fake on eBay

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Please do a Google search: Fake + PX200

..........Fake PX200's (among other headphone brands and models) are everywhere on eBay, when I wrote this guide, I can see that just about every listing on eBay is a copy/fake

How to spot a fake:

Fake PX100 and PX200 are supplied WITHOUT the special hard folding plastic case.
Sennheiser have confirmed that they have never been supplied without the hard case, and if they are sold new without the hard case, then they are not genuine!
*The fakes will come in a blister pack that has no room inside for the hard plastic case, so it's not that it is just "missing".
*The seller might state that they come with a soft carry case, these are fake, it needs to be a hard plastic case.
*The only reason the hard case is not supplied, is because it would be difficult to copy it without looking obviously fake.

The PX100/200 earpieces are supposed to fold out and firmly lock in place. The fakes have poorly made silvery brass coloured hinges that do not have a nice smooth clicking lock. They look like the hinges from cheap sunglasses.

The black Sennheiser logo that is printed on the headband is sometimes a bit blurred and not completely straight on the fakes.

The fold out arms were made from a cheap looking shiny/glossy plastic.
The genuine headphones are made from a high quality matte finish plastic.

If they are cheap and without the hard plastic case, THEY ARE FAKE and will sound nothing like the genuine item.
Genuine PX200's and PX100's (which I think sound better than the 200's) will blow your mind.

Fakes look exactly like this:




Notice how there is no hard protective case included?

This is a genuine pair, notice the hard plastic case inside the packaging:

The hard plastic case that you get with a genuine pair:

Please leave the seller that sold you the fakes negative or neutral feedback if they sold you fake headphones without listing that they were fake in the listing. Sometimes negative feedback is the only way others can be warned.
-and don't worry about your own feedback being affected, sellers are not able to leave buyers negative or neutral feedback.

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