FAQ - What is the Retail Value of the Ring I'm Buying ?

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‘Valuation’ and what is the real 'Retail Price' is a VERY, VERY contentious issue in the jewellery industry


Please review this article which details the issues involed:



We do provide a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ with some of our items (those in which the Certificate is mentioned in the eBay advertising) but this Certificate makes no representation as to ‘value’ – it only certifies that the stones & metals are 100% genuine

We usually never make representation as the ‘value’ because no matter what number we place in terms of value – you can find somebody to radically contradict any number we would select.

As for the value of any item – I know this big range sounds crazy but depending who you go to &andwhat you say to them when you’re there and how close it is to Christmas (Christmas prices are usually about 20-50% higher than those in the middle of the year - well in Australia anyway), valuations on any ring can vary from 15% to 150% of the ranges indicated in this article:



One thing I’ve learned from working in this industry is there is no such thing as consistency and another thing I’ve learned is no matter what number we gave you, you could almost immediately find somebody ready and more than willing to radically contradict that number (higher or lower).

We have seen so many mis-uses of ‘valuation’ by many who readily advertise themselves as 'reputible and/or experts' that the very best recommendation I can give and the one I would personally use myself is to look at other comparable rings on eBay (NOT the regular jewellers as their prices will be at least double too high – even when discounted by more than 50%) and make your own personal judgment.

We ourselves at NRS accept no other valuation other than those from GIA themselves due to the abundant misuse of 'valuation'


We have a range of items at NRS-Diamonds & are constantly updating our stocks (http://stores.ebay.com.au/NRS-GEMS-and-DIAMONDS)

And just in case you’re not happy with your purchase we offer refunds as detailed in our eBay advertising & we’re always happy to provide advise.

We want happy customers who think so much of us that they come back time & time again!



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