FAQ about L.A.M.B. inc delayed shipping, 99c sellers

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I've been receiving a lot of emails about certain L.A.M.B. that's popped up, mostly around Australian Ebay. This can apply to any clothing line but since I usually buy and sell LAMB, it's very appropriate for other LAMB buyers.

I'll talk about one of the most popular subjects I am asked. "I have just bought something, but the seller is telling me I might have to wait a week or three to get it" or "I haven't received my item and it's been nearly 4 weeks, I think my LAMB is fake because of lead time".

Okay, first. ONLY if a seller might be away, should you have to wait, if they're in a place that has had recent natural disasters (like yours truely), then you just might have to. However a seller should NEVER say you have to wait, ONLY if it is valid. If you have to wait about 3-4 or even more, that isn't a great seller to start with.
*NOTE- around public holidays the post if VERY slow*
Okay, lead. Lead time is the time it takes to make the product. First of all, that is a big no-no, don't you think your product should be already made, not GETTING made??!! Lead time is associated with fake items because people make the items after a seller has ordered them. This lead time can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks! If a seller has told you 3 weeks, and you havent got it and have emailed them about it, and they've replied that they can't find it/isnt ready/whatever, you better get a claim from Paypal in pronto, because it's fake and after 30-45 days, you cannot get your money back. You should never be told you have to wait for your item under most circumstances.

The Sellers has sent me my item- but it is from another country. Is it fake?

Then they've already broken two violations- they're misleading Ebay with their address and you. Most likely it's from Asia and guess what? If you have to pay tax, you have to, no question. A seller should NEVER EVER have to disguise their location or address only if they have something to hide.
A slight example- when I go overseas, I will still have this account, but the selling instructions will say I am in Canada for business thus why the parcel might say Canada Post.

I read through the Sellers feedback and they have been accused of selling fake items in the past. Should I trust them? OR A Seller has been accused of selling fakes by someone, and they replied that it isnt? Who is right?

I must say this right now; Even though every seller tries to research their items to make sure we dont sell fake things, sometimes you really can't keep up. The honest sellers will apologise and not sell said item again. However, when I look through the LAMB on Ebay, I see people leaving negative feedback for obvious fakes, then the sellers just sell the same items again! And the ridiculous thing is people buy it!!

The second question is much harder to answer, because buyers, sorry, but you can get your info wrong and accuse an innocent person of selling fakes. However any lying seller can sell a fake and say it's authentic. If a seller just says "NO IT ISNT!! YOU LIAR!" then that's just rude to start with. If a Seller tries to explain that it isnt by using examples, then it might actually be legit. I really can't say much else because it is up to you, the buyer, if you want to make a transaction.

I don't mind if I buy a fake, will I get in trouble?

If you know that you're buying is a copy and you don't mind, there really isnt anyone to stop you, it's your own intention and decision.

The Seller is selling the same items over and over again, why?

Again, this can be an innocent thing, depending on what you're intending to buy or have bought. High end labels are, indeed, expensive. There is no way a seller can sell 15 "BRAND NEW WITH TAGS" , think about it- $300RRP hoodie X 10= that's already 3000 bucks! The L for Love hoodies I had/have were bought about 2 seasons after the end of Fall 2005 (the season they came from), my friends pitched in and I bought all 8 of us the hoodies from either Ebay or Bluefly. *bought them for about 80-100 bucks each so we got a nice deal* I even TELL you that in my listings, because I have nothing to hide, some had tags still and never worn because we all wore different things for the concert.
I explained this in my other guide, it is against Ebay policy to list heaps of items at once, and it's obviously fake if someone is doing it!

The Seller told me they have [so many] of the same item because they are a legit wholesaler of that line. It couldn't be fake, could it?

I can't speak for all high end labels, but most, including L.A.M.B. do NOT 'wholesale' their items, especially to sole sellers, and ESPECIALLY ones on Ebay. The only known authentic seller of multiples in the LAMB range that I know is HeyRed, based in Canada (apparently the Blue Elephant store, an authentic seller of LAMB, has an Ebay store, however I am not sure). If they are saying they are an official LAMB reseller, you can call their bluff on it (L.A.M.B. shows some stores they sell to on the official site, not all are on there, but only legit stores or store sites sell their items).

Is it too much to ask a Seller to put a label beside the item with their Ebay ID so I know it's their picture/ that it is what I'm getting?

Absolutely not! Actually it's encouraged! Just writing done on the computer, across the picture, does not suffice, because anyone can do it. I admit I do it sometimes because it's easier, but a seller who is reluctant to post their pics or doesn't do it within a 24-36 hour period, then you should take caution.

A Seller is selling items that are older seasons that are new with tags/ never worn OR "I have seen you some some items that are older seasons and new with tags, are they fake?

I'll answer these in two segments- it is completely fine for sellers to sell older season items that are new with tags and/or never worn, you keep clothes, store them, forget about them, find them, then decide to sell them. I do all the time! But if they're selling a rare item and have quite a few of them Brand New With Tags? Puh-lease :P.
As above, I store stuff away, especially with aaall the LAMB I have bought/traded. Some I have purposely kept new with tags because they are rare and wanted and I know they will sell well (that's selling), but it doesn't mean they're fake.

A Seller has started an auction at 99 cents for L.A.M.B. [other lines]. Are they fake?

To put it simply? Anyone who loves their L.A.M.B. and knows how high quality they are will NEVER sell their L.A.M.B. for 99 cents, especially if it's a hoodie. Maybe $10 if it's rare and just a tee or tank, maybe the nice tops, because you know it will do well, but rarely do sellers take a chance like that, especially on your beautiful LAMB you spent $150+++++ on!!! (or apparently did).

I hope you enjoyed and learnt a bit more, sorry if your question wasnt answered, it will be once I can do another guide :)

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