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Hi There!!

Ebay has asked me to share my thoughts and ideas. I've bought some great items on ebay over about 12 months. Although I have come across a few sharks.

I think the most important message I can try to get across is the importance of checking feedback. There are so many people on ebay that you are almost certainly going to come across someone dodgy at some point. I have now bought almost 50 items and have had one surprisingly nasty experience.

Because someone thought they deserved my Pioneer Car CD Player more than me, it was time to buy a new CD Player. I saw a simple looking cheapie from Hong Kong for $99 and thought it was too good to be true. Well, it was. After commiting to the purchase I received and invoice via email with $261(aud) freight plus $66 insurance. After reading the feedback for that seller I felt pretty stupid. There was over 50 negative feedbacks saying "watch out for the freight trap!". If I had of read the feedback I wouldn't have made such the mistake of buying the item. I also should have asked what the freight cost was prior to commiting.


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