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  • HI..this is a mass *GUIDE*to everyone I am *TRADING*with...please read and be patient...I am having a terrible week of *TECHNICAL*DIFFICULTIES*OR*GREMLINS*as *I* prefer to call them..The *WORSE*is *ALL*MY*BSBS*HAVE*DISSAPPEARED*..heard of it??well no-one else has!!!!!!!!!!!!everytime I go thru check-out for everyone!!!!there are no *BSBS*at all!!!!!!after over twenty individual sellers this morning alone *I* became very depressed and extremely frustrated with ebay...not only are they not there!!!BUT all invoices for items that have been thru check-out have no *BSBS*there at all for anyone anymore...so after this and none of it is made up I am changing to *PAYPAL*whether you like it or not...*EBAY*has *NEW*POLICIES*that prevent australian sellers from not offering it if on listing...so I have been delayed setting up *PAYPAL*ACCOUNT*TO*PAY*plus I now have to contact first sellers *ALL*OF*THEM*and get *BANK*DETAILS*plus *PLEASE*EXPLAIN*(the only thing she said worth quoting..you know who..)(is she in or out of jail??)..so if this isn't explaining it enough..ad the fact that *ALL*SELLERS*reply not with their *BANL*DETAILS*AS*ASKED*FOR*but either it's there..which it isn't or I wouldn't have *ASKED*then more *QUESTIONS*or *COMMENTS*LIKE*no-one else has this problem or your the only one...well thank *GOD* for that..I think this week on ebay would have killed a normal person...first during check-out all my information dissappeared *ALL*BUYING*WON*ETC*ALL*SELLING*TOO*for a day...then the next day *I*COULDN'T*SIGN*IN*to the whole of *EBAY*SITE*for a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!which to those of you on *FULL-TIME*as *I* am is a very long time...especially on the day I was surposed to be paying people...ebay advised me to delete histories and cookies which I did as I'm new and don't know what they do anyway...then the *BSB*problem started...so *I* will *NEVER*DO*THAT*AGAIN*..I don't blame ebay but this has to be a CYBER*SOMETHING*and *I*choose*GREMBLINS*after my favourite *MOVIE*plus they're easy to *KILL*and like *COMPUTERS*DON'T*ADD*WATER*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that doesn't help either...if you really think I'm that *POOR*to make this up then don't send me your *BSBS*everyone!!!!!!!who I'm trading with as I will personally be connacting you in *DATE*ORDER*starting with *OLDEST*FIRST*plus *EVERYONE*who*MESSAGES*ME*will be *PAID*FIRST*..I am not in *FINANCIAL*DIFFULCULTY*in anyway especially after selling $800 worth of items today..so keep watching my stats go up!!!and I will *TRADE*threw this ebay trouble as *QUICKLY*as *I*can...hope this *HELPS* and *PEOPLE*can *BE*PLEASANT*PATIENT*and avoid unnessary *ABUSE*especially over such small amounts of money...come on!!!jt..16march2008...if anyone else is or has experienced this please help and message advice or *CURES*if not here's some ebay *HISTORY*TRIVIA*all advice *WELCOME*if *CONSTRUCTIVE*and *NICE*...
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